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Mar 25, 2010 02:10 PM

mail order food [moved from Ontario]

Are there any online mail order food sites that people have used. Have there been any problems with delivery, or the quality of the food or anything else that you could tell me about.

Would love to find a source for things like green peppercorns in brine, truffle paste, duck breast, etc.

I know that the SLM has these items and much more, but, they don't seem to have them all the time.

Thanks so much for the help. Maxine

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  1. Just a quick note that we moved this thread over from the Ontario board, so please focus on mail order suppliers that are located in or ship to Canada.

    1. I've ordered a few times from, which is located in Toronto. Experiences have been good, but I wanted to pass along a bit of advice regarding Canada Post as a delivery service. Some of the items I've ordered didn't require refrigeration, but also shouldn't be subjected to really warm temperatures either. Canada Post delivers in a timely manner, at least in my experience, but they also are quite happy to leave packages by my front door, in full sunlight and fully visible for anyone wandering by the house. My point is simply that you might want to be careful about ordering food items and choose a delivery service that requires your signature or else takes your package to an indoor (and hopefully climate-controlled) facility if you're not home to receive it.

      Another experience was with They have a fabulous (and pricey!) service, but they didn't write anything on the box about the items within needing refrigeration, so although they had lovely cold paks within the box to keep the items cool overnight, the person that signed for the box at my SO's office didn't know to put the box in the fridge. The box sat in a warm environment for a weekend and my chorizo had gone bad by the time the package made it home to me. Unusual circumstances, yes, but if the box had been clearly labeled "keep cold", my chorizo probably would have survived the short trip from Ann Arbor to Detroit and over the border to Windsor. Oh well ...

      I have ordered some high end canned and preserved items, such as piquillo peppers and ventresca tuna and have been very happy with the quality of the items. Everything had good expiry dates and was in good condition. I firmly believe that any company that is serious about doing business in this way must be totally committed to quality and care with shipping and handling. Good luck!