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Mar 25, 2010 01:49 PM

Saigon Palace Brunch, Charlotte

I keep seeing references to this but can't find any real information. I called the restaurant but didn't really understand the person who answered the phone. Is this on Saturday AND Sunday? What's on the buffet? Is there pho (better be)? Is it good. How much $? Thanks.

Saigon Palace
5215 South Blvd Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28217

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  1. The buffet is only on Sunday. It is a good value - lots of dishes I don't have a clue as to the names of. Whole fish, noodles, chicken skewers, soups but not Pho and my favorite quail as in the fried bird not Dan. It costs less than $10 so give it a whirl. This being said Sunday is my least favorite day. I really enjoy this place and love the Pho, and the other soups - they have a seafood soup with wontons and shrimp that is great.
    I also like the bun. and an appetizer called boneless chicken wing.

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      I really like this place too. The pho is really good, and their noodle dishes are so fresh and have that great mix of warm and cold, salty and sweet, with different textures that the Vietnamese do so well.

      Didn't know about the brunch; thanks for the info. Will check it out soon.