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Mar 25, 2010 01:31 PM


My son just enlisted in the Marines. Graduation is July 2nd.

Gotta start planning......

What "local" specialties are there and where can I find them!?!?

i prefer casual and just plain good eats.


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  1. I think Beaufort is the closest city to PI...if you do a search on here you'll find lots of previous posts (just make sure they are for Beaufort, SC, not NC). As an example:

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Right. Parris Island is near Beaufort. Go to the Shrimp Shack for the real deal. ANd remember, it will be hot, humid, and BUGGY. Get some spray on your way to the festivities. All the best to you. And THANK your son for his service.

      Shrimp Shack
      1925 Sea Island Pkwy, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920

      1. re: Sue in Mt P


        The Shrimp Shack is terrible. It is wildly overrated, and about a 35 minute drive from Parris Island.

        11th Street Dockside in Port Royal has really great seafood and a nice view, and it's actually close to Parris Island.

    2. Get your hotel reservations early. Most Beaufort hotels are full up by Thursday every week.

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      1. re: JayL

        Barbara Jean's on Lady's Island has decent southern food...not great steaks though.

        Lots of locals stop by the Shrimp Shack on their way to the beach (Hunting Island).

      2. God Bless Your Son........My oldest son graduated from Paris Island in 1992 and spent 4 years with "USMC"..."Uncle Sam's Misguided Children".....It was the greatest experience of his life. Good luck. Semper Fi.

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          I would hit the Shrimp Shack and this place:

          Shrimp Shack
          1925 Sea Island Pkwy, Saint Helena Island, SC 29920