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Mar 25, 2010 01:26 PM

I hate my All-Clad - what am I doing wrong?

Hi! First post, persistent lurker.

I received a SS All-Clad frying pan for Christmas, and frankly, it sucks compared to my two old inexpensive cast-iron pans. It seems like everything sticks to it. I've tried seasoning it like cast-iron to no avail. I was about to chuck it in the Goodwill pile until I realized how much those things cost and how much some people like them. Am I doing something basic wrong?

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  1. I'm not crazy about mine either & look forward to the replies. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, too. My ancient Paderno is much much better. Ditto cast iron, some really old and some fairly new.

    1. I believe this past thread has good feedbacks on the typical sticking problems of SS fry-pans. It is not All-Clad specific though. In terms of non-stick, I too agree that cast iron pans do much better jobs once they are properly seasoned.

      1. stainless pans like all-clad are meant to stick, to form a frond which you can deglaze and make into a pan sauce

        1. iride,

          Stainless steel cookware are like this. Foods, especially meats, will stick to them. They are not cast iron or carbon steel. You cannot season them. You are not doing anything wrong. They are like this.

          Sell them or give them away. A lot of people like All Clad.

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            Thanks. Maybe the better question is, why do people like them then?

            1. re: iride


              Do you mean why do people like stainless or why do people like All Clad?

              Some people like stainless steel because they last for a long time, and they are very easy to take care of compared to cast iron or carbon steel. Nonstick cookware may only last you a year or two, so a $150 stainless steel frying pan is really cheaper than its $30 nonstick counterpart. In additional, like many people suggested, there are some ways to work around this stickiness. Like cooking with butter and using more oil. Do a lot people like stainless steel? Not really, that is why you have many cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, nonstick cookware fans.

              In the case you asking about why people like All Clad. Well, in the case you prefer stainless steel cookware, then All Clad is considered one of the top. It is constructally stronger. It has better heat distribution.... So I will say if you are already a stainless steel fan, then you will barg about All Clad, but if you don't dig stainless steel, then All Clad will not change your mind.

              A Ferrari is a great sport car, so you will love it if you like sport car. However, if you hate sport cars to begin with, then a Ferrari is not going to make you like sport cars any more. You may hate it even more. Best wishes.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                What Chem said...I LOVE my AC stainless steel. I do not use the frying pan for eggs or fish, but love it for meat, sautes, etc...I love the even heat distribution, I love the way it looks and cooks and cleans. As someone said, I love the way fond forms in it, and how easily it deglazes. It is not the right pan for everything, again, I don't do eggs or fish in it as they cook too quickly and stick too easily...try it for meat with a pan sauce, or sauteed vegetables or potatoes--also great for roasting a Zuni chicken!

                1. re: Marge

                  That's it exactly. Stainless steel pans aren't necessarily the right pan for everything. I have a lot of All-Clad pans - and i LOVE them!!! But I also have cast iron pans, non-stick pans, enamelled cast iron pans, etc.

                2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  For making something like taré, there really isn't anything better than an All-Clad stainless steel pan.

                  For frying eggs, I can't imagine anything much worse than an All-Clad stainless steel pan. (Hyperbole - a bit. I can imagine things worse, but I wouldn't ever try to make over-easy fried eggs in my stainless steel pan).

                  1. re: Indirect Heat

                    Really? Fried eggs & omelettes/fritattas (sp?) are the easiest egg-y things to cook in my AC. Barely any sticking on the fried OE, & just a bit on the omelettes. Scrambled - now that's a PITA (for me).

              1. re: AndrewK512

                No no no. You should say, "I will pay for the shipping. Sent them to me"

                1. re: AndrewK512

                  I love my All Clad MC2. I'll pay what she wants to ship it.