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Mar 25, 2010 01:25 PM

Eventide brunch: what to get?

I just got back from an amazing trip to San Francisco, where I ate my way from one end to the other. As such, I've got to get back on the eating light wagon. Except I have a previously scheduled brunch with family and friends at Eventide this Sunday. What's the best thing to spend my calories on...or, alternately, the best light option?

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  1. pork belly and potato hash. not on the light side but totally worth it. great coffee, too.

    1. I have heard from a host of foodies at a happy hour at Eventide that the Mushroom burger (while slightly messy to eat) is extremely good. That would be a lighter option.

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        The mushroom burger is great, but the croissant that holds it is very sweet and fights the flavor of the MB.

      2. Thanks, all! I got the PBLT (plantain, bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich and a side of the hash. It was all quite good, and the coffee was as well. Service was a bit flaky though. Side note: I wish they would have just left the coffee carafe on the table instead of parceling out tiny 1/2 full cups. Or is that too IHOP?