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Mar 25, 2010 12:40 PM

Cuban sandwich in SFV close to Northridge

Looking for some ideas where I can get a Cuban sandwich in the Valley and closer to northridge and/or Woodland hills would be good. Any places where you can get one for take out opposed to having to sit down and eat? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Try El Criollo Restaurant in van nuys by the's delicious!

    El Criollo
    6622 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405

    1. Not close to Northridge, but Porto's in Burbank does one.

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        1. re: granadafan

          true, but their cuban sandwich is not.

          1. re: linus

            I agree, while much of Porto's fare is pretty tasty, their Cuban sandwich is just all kinds of wrong. From the bread right down to the type of mustard they use. Honestly, I'm not usually one who gets caught up in authenticity or adhering some sort of traditional style, but that sandwich isn't really even that good.