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Mar 25, 2010 11:19 AM

Food-making class for bridal shower

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an economical private cooking/baking class in Toronto for a bridal shower.

Unfortunately, the prices for the usual suspects (Dish, Calphalon, Cooks on Eight) are likely out of range for the primarily graduate student crowd.

I've hosted a "chocolated making" bridal shower before at JS Bonbons, which was more reasonably priced (going back to 2006 here, but I think it was about $600 for 12 pple). Although JS is no more, Stubbes offers a similar package, but I'd prefer to not host essenttially the same shower again.

Are there classes I'm missing that would be in the price range of about $60-$75 per person? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

JS Bonbons
163 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

375 Dalhousie St, Ottawa, ON K1N, CA

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  1. While not chi-chi - Loblaws does wonderful cooking classes. And I think they run about $35-40 PP.

    1. The LCBO has a series of wine and food type events that are in that price range. I can't remember the details off hand but have a look on their site. There might be something that suits your needs.

      1. St Lawrence Market also does weekly cooking classes. They typically run about $50/person and have some interesting themes. They may also set up a private class for you.

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          Not quite what you are asking but Lesvileville Cheese Shop does very reasonably priced cheese tastings.

          Also The Cooks Place on the Danforth holds various cooking classes. I've never been but I recall they did knife techniques and suishi making. Perhaps give them a call for more info. The price was right.

          It might be worth calling Dish to check the prices out. I thought they did some morning classes for in and around your budget. They may be willing to work around it. Just a thought.

        2. Mengrai Thai does cooking classes, but I have no idea about cost & what they're like.

          1. I thought of Sushi Marché, but it's not all that cheap either. But, now you know:

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              These are all great suggestions! Looks like I have some calling around to do in my free time. Will report back on prices.