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salt baked squid

i've just been hit with that craving. i havent had it in a long time (a couple years now). Is Lee How Fook still the champ when it comes to the salt baked goodness? Please let me know

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  1. I've always preferred the salt baked seafood at Shiao Lan Kung, but I haven't had it in quite a while, so I'm not speaking from recent experience.

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      shiao lan kung still has the top salt baked billing for me (had it most recently a month ago). you should also tried their soft shell crab (i think it is actually on the menu now). heaven on a plate.

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        Nam Phuong also has salt baked soft shell crabs, but since those are seasonal how do restaurants offer it year-round? What kind of crab do you think they are using? Can't be blue crabs, right?

        1. re: Philly Ray

          Most places use frozen soft shell crabs (some even do that in season). Anastasio's Seafood at 9th and Washington told me they are flash frozen (cooked? live? I didn't ask) and are as good as fresh. They have them year round I believe for retail purchase (It was in season, so I declined to try them)

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            bigley nailed it....i worked in a fish market for 4 years when i was younger and there is no shame in eating frozen soft shells (probably not maryland blue shells). if you are trying to eat locally, well, that will then be an issue.

    2. I have not had it at Lee How Fook, but I do like it right next door at Vietnam.

      1. I recommend the salt baked squid at Tai Lake.

        1. i've always prefered the salt and pepper squid at david's mah lai wah.

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            This is usually my go-to spot when it comes to Chinatown, usually b/c i go down during the late night/early morning hrs. I always thought their SBS was pretty good (more like batter fried) but not outstanding. Sang Kee was the place that got me on to it, and I hold them pretty high too, most likely on the sole fact that they got me hooked. I need to try Shiao Lan Kung. I've only been there once and was turned off due to the long wait and somewhat dirty interior.

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              david's mai lai wah's salt-baked seafood usually tends to be my favorite (though i usually go for shrimp rather than squid - will have to try squid next time!). was not a fan of tai lake's, LHF's was so-so, and i haven't been to shiao lan kung. gonna have to head there next!

          2. Another vote for Shiao Lan Kung

            1. Salt baked squid is one of my absolute favorites. The best I have eated is at a little place in Chinatown called Wong Wong. They also have great wonton soup.

              1. LHF, much to my regret had it's sous chef die recently. Replacement cannot get frying or it seems anything else right either, my heart is broken.

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                  I'm sure it's not what you meant, but that last post comes off pretty callous. is your heart broken because of the person dying, or because your quality of food at one restaurant went down?

                  1. re: Bob Loblaw

                    Both, use to treat the owner chef and his sous medically in the far past, and miss the restaurant as well.

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                      The original chef retired a few years ago, I cant remember exactly when but it could be about 5 years ago, with his wife (who we used to call Doris) who used to work the front of the house. Their daughter took over and she had told me her cousin was cooking. At that time i felt the food wasnt as good and stopped going there. Everything was greasier. It had never been health food but the original chef had a light touch.

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                        Doris's husband with another sous were the kitchen. When he retired, she left and the restaurant went to her daughter. The original sous left for about a year and then returned. When the sous was gone, it was dreadful, he returned and back to normal. Unfortunately the sous has died now and the replacement is even worse than when the replacement was there. Everything is underseasoned , greasy, and even undercooked. Hopefully he will improve, but after 4 tries l am taking a break for a while.

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                          I was so interested to find this thread! I just ate here tonight for the first time, and had recalled that I had read that the food went downhill. The food really was unremarkable, bland is the word I would use, absolutely. I looked at the salt baked squid and others but did not order them... I guess SLK might be the way to go for those dishes.

                2. Most definitly no#1 tried differnt places in china town ,tricked twice was served as a salad.LHF gives plenty of squid and flaverful not mostly lettuce in sauce.No lettuce at all

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                    Hope you are right. When last had were greasy and flabby.

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                      You fans must check out my review of Mings in Hatboro. Their dry roast squid blew away peking ducks SBS.