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Mar 25, 2010 10:04 AM

ISO-Good Family Restaurants on the north shore-please!

Hello- looking for a good family restaurant for Easter. Any suggestions? HELP!

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  1. Define North Shore, please. Gloucester or Stoneham?
    Price point? How many peeps?

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    1. re: bgavin

      Hi Bgavin,
      About 8 people Swampscott, Peabody, Salem, Reading, North Andover, Andover areas-Rt 1 ok Steakhouse, Italian or American cuisines
      Big Thanks in advance

    2. The Beverly Depot is a great place for an Easter meal. Request the table in front of the fireplace in the basement, very cozy!

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        The Beverly Depot is old and tired, and stinks (literally). The last time I visited the carpeting was filthy and bar stank of spilled spirits. They do serve solid American family fare: salad and bread bar, prime rib and the suspected sides. The food is well executed for what it is. I just can't get past the "oldness" of the place and the tired service. But if you've got a family that longs for past restaurant traditions serving familiar fare you might just be very happy with the Depot.

        Hawthorne By the Sea in Swampscott also has a traditional feel, and is clean and nicely decorated Though I don't go often, whenever i do they are welcoming, the food is excellent (if overpriced a bit) and the ambiance is very nice, with a beautiful water view.. The multiple dining rooms, and deck, are large, so you probably won't have to stress about getting a reservation.


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          Ditto on the Beverly Depot. You need to get past the initial impressions. You could also consider Calitris on Rt 1

      2. I always think Century House in Peabody would be good for that sort of thing but I've never actually been there. But the menu always strikes me as a place my parents would love.

        Century House Restaurant
        235 Andover St, Peabody, MA 01960

        1. its been a while since I was there but Sylvan Street used to be pretty good. If the kids are younger I would just take them to Polcaris on Rt 1 N.
          I do miss Full of Bull on the southbound side of Rte1.....

          1. Thank you everyone! We decided on the Hawthorn Hotel in Salem, MA