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Mar 25, 2010 10:03 AM

REAL bbq in Palm Beach or Broward?

Any know any real BBQ places in the area where I can actually smell the smoke? Chain BBQ restaurants do not count as real BBQ in my book and you have to see and taste the smoke. Anyone have any suggestions, I'm open to most any style BBQ as long as its good!

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  1. Everything you need to know should be in these two threads...

    BBQ truck in West Palm

    BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale

    Read them and then come back with any questions - or better yet, reviews.

    PS: "freakerdude" is quite the Q expert around here so I'd give his posts extra weight.

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    1. re: CFByrne

      Good luck! BBQ is probably the most problematic of the food genres discussed on this board.....It's so difficult for BBQ restaurants to produce consistently.......I think Tom Jenkins in Ft. Lauderdale is average / good when you hit that place during peak serving times.....It's a crap-shoot at best.....I like FD's opinions....Like mine too! (LOL!).....I'm a KCBS judge and cook on a pro it's hard for me to walk in any BBQ restaurant and expect (and get) 'greatness'.....But it's a fun subject I'll agree......

      Can't wait to fire up my Big Green Egg smoker this weekend......And then 16 hours later pull the center bone right out of the middle of that Boston Butt pork shoulder.........Son!


      1. re: LargeLife

        So we need a good BBQ place - Open one up! :)

    2. Honestly, just reading your post tells me you will find nothing satisfying to your taste. I have yet to try Deep South (in a questionable location) or Jack's in FTL but I am up here in N. Palm Beach county. The Georgia Pig in FTL might come close to what you want but their meat quality is less than average and their sauce is typical Fla style. I've been to almost evey Q joint in PB county so far and cannot rec any of them to you except for maybe Troy's (take out only). My posts in the links CFB provided are fairly detailed, so you can make a decision. Thanks for the kind words CFB and Emac.

      Advice: buy your ownsmoker from $30 and up and be your own critic.

      Another thread:

      Que in Palm Beach County

      I plan on trying the newly opened Rib Bizz in Boca tomorrow for lunch and will report back.

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      1. re: freakerdude

        Hey, FD....Looking forward to hearing about Rib Bizz in Boca!......Hopefully it will be good!.....I work in Miami during the week and spend my weekends at my home in Ft. if Rib Bizz is good I'll stop by 'in transit" and see what's what!......I think this summer I'm going to have you over for some BBQ....and I'll promise you it will be worth the drive.....Can't wait to see your face when you have a bite of my smoked prime rib!........The pulled pork won't suck either....Will have two sauces for you.....One will be a vinegar-based sauce from "The Pig" in Waycross, Georgia.....The other will be a sweeter sauce with an underlying peppery buzz....and it's called "Blues Hog"......Can't wait to fire up my BGEs!


        1. re: freakerdude

          Is Rib Bizz open? I tried calling Thursday and got their answering service.

          1. re: RickL

            If they are open, I'll go for lunch today too. 12:30? Impromptu CH gathering!

            1. re: CFByrne

              Answering service picked up so I didn't take the chance on a drive from work. Maybe they put it off a few more weeks again?

              1. re: freakerdude

                Drove by at 12:30. Not open yet, but I did pick up a take-out menu which they have available outside on a plastic flyer holder.

                A peek inside the store shows tables set, coolers stocked with soda and water and turned on, everything looking ready to go. But no one there.

                A supplier drove up. He made a call on his cell, said "someone who would know" says they'll be open Monday.

                Full rack of ribs $16.95 - $19.99 add two 8OZ sides and rolls.

          2. re: freakerdude

            Preach it. I moved from Kansas City two years ago and have had some pretty abysmal BBQ experiences here. I agree that Troy's is decent but to paraphrase something Calvin Trillin used to say about BBQ in NYC, "You want good BBQ? Get on a plane and fly to Kansas City."

            If Rib Bizz izzn't (sorry) bad, I would happily check it out.