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Mar 25, 2010 09:36 AM

Jumbo Lump Joe's Cape Coral

I was curious about a little food truck on Pine Island Road in Cape Coral called Jumbo Lump Joe's so I stopped in today for lunch. I had the Jumbo Lump Crab sandwich and the onion rings. Both were outstanding. The sandwich was full of big chunks of crab, the sauce which he makes had just the right spice. Good onion rings too. Real onions, nicely battered, crisp and hot. These were also served with one of Joe's special sauces which was a nice companion to the rings. I would be curious to see what others think. I have also noticed a food cart at the corner of Pine Island and Del Prado (tacos) and another in the parking lot next to the Aluminum supply store (BBQ). I would love to hear reviews on those too.

More Joe's info:

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  1. Out of curiosity I stopped there this afternoon to grab lunch. I got the Jumbo crab cake sandwich with the secret sauce as well. It was amazing. The crab cakes are large and there's almost no breading, it is pure crab.
    I'm definatly going back to try some of his other choices.