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Mar 25, 2010 09:21 AM

Anything decent to eat at Seau's?

Yes, I know, I know...

Anyway I am headed to Seau's tonight to cheer on Cornell in the NCAA tournament (Sweet 16 baby!). I figure the food there sucks but it will be right around dinner time so I'll probably end up eating there. Can anybody recommend anything on the menu?

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  1. Why would the food suck?

    Sorry about the loss.

    My son likes the Shrimp poppers and I like the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

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    1. re: normalheightsfoodie

      It just seems like Friday's/Applebee's-style food (also my girlfriend had been there before and said it wasn't good). Anyway we got the chicken quesadillas and the beef/chicken teriyaki combo, which I guess is their specialty. The quesadillas were very bland, but the teriyaki was alright. Beef was on the tough side, but the chicken was nice and tender. The sauce was not bad, if a bit thick and sweet.

      Appreciate the condolences, we had a good run for a bunch of eggheads...

      1. re: mayache

        I go with my 8 year old to watch sports with him. Their sushi is not too bad, they are a little funny about serving it outside of the sushi bar. Though.

        Our men were knocked out in the first round, but women are in the sweet 16.