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Mar 25, 2010 09:01 AM

New BBQ/Tex-Mex in Milford, CT

Anybody been there?

I don't make it to that part of town much but, I now may have to.

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  1. That is so interesting. Berwyn is a side street in Devon. Is this restaurant inside someone's house?

    1. I checked out the address; I wonder if this restaurant is related to the family who owns the limo company I use on Berwyn??

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        Our summer home is in the Laurel Beach area, so I am familiar with the location. Suffice it to say it is a VERY strange place for a restaurant. At a time when restaurants on main roads are literally dying due to the economy, you have to wonder how a place on a relatively untraveled side street is going to do.

      2. I checked with my friend who recently sold her home on Berwyn. She said it is in a little building right next to a house, next to the limo guy I spoke of. I think it is behind the Whiskey Barrel Liquor Store. The menu does look good, and says they do curbside pickup, so I am imagining someone bringing ribs out to the car wrapped in foil like a drug deal. I wonder if I can get my husband to get up the nerve to try it? If the food is good, and folks can get the word out to foodies on sites like this (thanks kwhitehead) and the locals enjoy it, it may do OK. May not have a big overhead, that's for sure.

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          We're planning to go on Sunday. I'll report back.

        2. It's in that tiny house right behind the new "apartments". Didn't that place used to operate as a restaurant before this place? I thought I read that somewhere.

          Also, why hasn't someone snapped up the primo route 1 location of the old and boarded up Corvino's?

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            I know Loren, that's where I was first thinking this place was but knew it highly unlikely since the boards are still on all the windows with graffiti to boot.
            I'm happy to have Kwhitehead be the guinea pig for all of us. I wonder if she'll dine in or opt for drive-by dining.

          2. So I went. . . Saturday evening. Takeout. Ordered a family deal that was $40-something included one rack of St. Louis Ribs, 1/2 pound pulled pork, one lime-roasted chicken, sides of coleslaw and potato salad and corn bread. I also ordered kids taco and macaroni and cheese for my eldest fuss-budget son. Figured it was a good way to try a bunch of items and was a good deal for our family. So, I arrived. It is located in a small house behind the new condos. It was really cute inside (see picture). It has about four tables inside. It was very warm and cosy, clean and quite busy--very cute setup. When I placed the order over the phone, I was told the wait was 30 minutes. I felt great inside. THe people seemed so nice. Open kitchen was very busy with two chefs cooking in the back, a gringo (Joey?) and a Mexican (I think). One table had a family who had frequented the place before and was returning. Another table of five or six was there with BYOB, and I overheard a woman sitting there say, "Well, we definitely have to come back here!" She seemed impressed with the food. I had to wait about 10 more minutes for my order, not a problem. THe folks were so friendly. I asked if I could take a pic of the inside. I really want to see them do well. You know how you just really like a place. . . Well, onto the food. . . So we get home and bring out the paper plates for easy clean-up. On the menu, it says you can order three different types of sauce, one was vinegar based and one was zesty bbq and I can't remember the third. I ordered the zesty BBQ for the ribs, remember these were the St. Louis style, not the babyback for this package deal. I asked if I could pick the sauce for my pulled pork and the guy told me it would come with the same as the ribs (fine.) Later, as I was waiting, I heard the table getting their pulled pork with the vinegar sauce! (Darn! I hate that; I wanted vinegar sauce for the pulled pork, so I could try both). Anyway, I assumed the sauce would be on the ribs, but when we arrived home, the sauces came in a bunch of little containers, seemingly separate. THe ribs LOOKED really good. Then I tasted them. It was the weirdest thing. There was no taste whatsoever. They were super tender and dark, like they had been cooked well, but there was still no taste. I tried adding salt, still nothing. It was just so strange. Again, I really want to see this place succeed, so I try the pulled pork, again, no taste, just nothingness in your mouth but texture. Not a bad taste, just no taste at all. I tried the sauce but it wasn't that great. Menu says it is made with agave nectar and no corn syrup or sugar, so maybe they are healthfood style or something. The chicken, well, it started off badly, flabby non-crisp skin and immediately seemed a little undercooked as I placed half of a chicken on a paper plate and cut it in half. A little later, I noticed a pool of blood on the plate, sure enough, the thigh was red on the inside and you couldn't even tear off the wing. I was so disappointed. I couldn't call; I didn't feel like going back. The cornbread was terrific. The potato salad and coleslaw and macaroni and cheese was great. I tried my son's soft beef taco and it was good as was his side of rice and basic black beans, but he wouldn't eat it because it was cut up steak style instead of ground beef (I know he is gross, but that's what he likes and even though I asked if it was ground beef or steak when I called inthe order, I was told it was ground beef, but it wasn't). So needless to say, not a great report, but I almost oddly want to try it again, but am scared. I wonder if their mexican food is better and more flavorful? That may be the case; I didn't want to stare to see what the folks were eating who were raving about their in-house meals. I wish them well. I have tried to attach some photos. So, Kwhitehead, have you gone yet; I wonder if your visit was different than mine?