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Mar 25, 2010 07:31 AM

Easter brunch menu recommendations

I am preparing an Easter brunch this year for a small group of close friends/family. For the most part I will prepare the foods I grew up eating on Easter as a homage to my deceased mom; including the following:

Baked Ham with Pineapple/Brown Sugar Glaze
Potato Salad
Deviled Eggs
Coconut Cake

I plan to include asparagus but I am tired of my usual roast asparagus and would like something new to try. What are you preparing for Easter? Do you have any suggestions for my menu? I am particularly interested in vegetable sides...As well, I am considering preparing Thomas Keller's Fried Chicken. I am a decent intermediate level home cook and baker. Thanks in advance for any suggestions....this is my first Easter entertaining in years(I usually do Thanksgiving).


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  1. you could steam the asparagus and chill, then serve as a finger food with a shallot or mustard vinagrette spooned over.

    Another side I like to do is baby spinach sauteed with some garlic and pine nuts in olive oil, or if I want more of an Asian flavor, I will sautee with sesame seeds in canola and finish with a bit of sesame oil.

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      Though it's not then a finger food, pouring vinaigrette over still-hot steamed asparagus, then cooling, melds the flavors well. Serve either cold or room temp.

      I'd think about a colorful julienned vegetable slaw with an Asian dressing.

      Add curry powder to some of your devilled eggs.

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        with regard to the curry in the deviled eggs, I like the sound of that...I had thought I would prepare chive/tarragon deviled eggs but might do some of both...what else do you use in addition to the curry ?

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          typical mayo/mustard/chive, plus curry

      2. re: weezycom

        sounds good as I said below I definitely need some color and some texture in my proposed menu

      3. I think asparagus is a good green side with this, but I think you want to lighten things a bit. What about a raw shaved asparagus salad? Then it is made in advance.

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          like your suggestion of a raw asparagus dish because I think I need some texture in this propose menu; as well, I have not eaten raw asparagus so that would be interesting

        2. "I am considering preparing Thomas Keller's Fried Chicken."

          There's not a more perfect day to serve fried rabbit. Just don't tell the kids. Mom will be smiling. ;-)

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          1. re: Fuller

            lol.....this made me laugh out loud!!!!!

          2. One of my favorite spring vegetable sides is asparagus tips, petit pois (frozen work fine), the tiniest haricot vert. Maybe snow peas, destringed and slivered if you can't find haricot vert. Blanch each vegetable individually until just barely tender crisp. Sometimes I only thaw the petit pois and skip the snow peas as well. Can be done ahead. Then rewarm them all in butter stove top with S&P. Fresh, green, different shapes, very spingtime.

            An old luncheon dish could be reworked as a side. Waffle, asparagus spears in a pile on top, a generous spoonful of sauteed mushrooms, white sauce with hard boiled eggs chopped up in it ladled over top. You could substitute crepes and roll the asparagus and mushrooms into bundles, then sauce. Omit the eggs since you're already having deviled.

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            1. re: nemo

              thank you...I definitely think I need some color and some crunch/texture in my proposed menu

            2. One of the yummy things my mother always used to make (especially when we had ham) was a warm German potato salad. It had that tart taste and the bacon blended so well with the ham.

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                I have never made a warm German potato salad; do you have a recipe? My mom's recipe was a traditional southern potato salad that I have tweaked over the years to suit my taste buds. thank you in advance

                1. re: foufou

                  Unfortunately I don't. My mother passed suddenly and I never got the recipe. It was always something mom did. But I would be open to trying some other CH's recipes. I just know it was always yummy.

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                    I have made this Warm Potato, Sausage, & goat Cheese Salad from William Sonoma cookbook several times. It is DELICIOUS!!
                    1-1/2 lb sausage your choice
                    2 lb thin skinned potatoes, scrubbed

                    1 shallot finely chopped
                    1 clove garlic, minced
                    1 T. fresh parsley chopped
                    1 T. fresh chives chopped
                    1 tsp fresh basil chopped
                    1 tsp dijon
                    1 T. fresh lemon juice
                    3 T. white wine vinegar
                    3/4 C. EVOO
                    1/2 tsp salt
                    1/4 tsp pepper

                    3/4 C. crumbled goat cheese
                    4 T. chopped fresh parsley

                    Grill sausage, let cool and slice
                    Cook potatoes in boiling water, cut into bite size pieces, peel if desired
                    Add to sausage

                    Make the dressing, pour over the potaoes and sausage. mix gently. Adjust seasoning, add the cheese and parsley toss and serve.