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Mar 25, 2010 07:22 AM

Looking for a good lunch spot for tomorrow....

Coming in for the South Regional NCAA games and would like to find a good lunch spot. We are driving down from Dallas; so basically anything from Reliant Stadium north is okay for us.

I know I've heard mention of New Zion Missionary BBQ in Huntsville and others. Looking for BBQ, Seafood, Caftish Buffet, Great Mexican, etc.

Any recommendations would be great.

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  1. You can get great seafood AND Mexican at El Tiempo on Washington. The crab quesadillas are to die for. I hear the Washington location is the best and it's the only one I've tried. Someone said the one on Montrose was not very good at all.

    1. Little Bigs, Montrose, for sliders and fries sitting outside, they may have pulled pork sliders. Across the street is BB's Cajun that has great po boys.

      1. I don't know of any catfish buffets, sorry. If you make it past New Zion w/o stopping and still have a taste for bbq, the best locally is Pierson and Co., on W. TC Jester, off the NW corner of Loop 610, closed Sun and Mon, though. For great, Mex, if you don't mean Tex-Mex, Hugo's (very upscale) or La Guadalupana (much more modest prices), both in Montrose. All these have received many mentions here on CH.

        Seafood around here often means Mexican or Cajun rather than just Gulf Coast fried. In the Reliant area just about everything is chains - Joe's Crab Shack, Pappadeaux, Baytown Seafood. Capt. Benny's, on S. Main where OST/US 90A interesects is a good oyster bar with oysters oths or fried, boiled or fried shrimp, catfish, etc. There's lots more on the menu but that's what's made 'em famous for more than 50 years. In a small, faux shrimp boat, easy to miss. May be mobbed for the games except that it's easy to miss.

        In midtown there's Reef, upscale, nationally renowned. On the near north side, Tampico on Airline, just inside Loop 610. You'll find lots of mentions here on all these. Don't hear much about Tampico anymore and I haven't been in a couple of years but as far as I know it's still on the mark. Snapper a la plancha has been cited as the best seafood dish in the city by many in the past. Get seated upstairs.

        For burgers near Reliant, Hub Cap Grill on S. Main, just inside 610. Not as good nor with as great ambiance as the DT location and may well be mobbed because of the location but still good and the DT location is a pita if you don't work DT.

        All the other recs so far have been good; nothing against any of those.