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Mar 25, 2010 07:21 AM

help choosing a range hood! (what do you think of this Futuro Futuro??)

Anyone have an opinion about this Futuro Futuro hood? Or better yet, anyone actually have it or another Futuro you can comment on? Wondering how loud it is, how well it works, and how well made it seems... I am looking to put it over a 36' Wolf All Gas. I know a wider hood would be better, but I'm hoping the relatively high CFM of this one will more or less make up the difference... Ya think?


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  1. and/or how about this Kobe RA-02:
    It's 1000 CFM, 8 inch duct, 24" deep, baffle filters. a little more bulky (ugly?) than the Futuro, IMO, but I do need performance, esp. since I'm getting a hood the same width as the stove...

    The Futuro Rainbow is 940 CMF, 6 inch duct, mesh filters, 20" deep. They cost about the same. Seems like Futuro is suppsed to be a more quality brand? Even though the specs are better on the Kobe, I'm wondering which will perform better... The Futuro definitely looks better to me...

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    1. re: ckl

      Kobe is made in China.Only "designed" in Japan. Futuro is designed and made in Italy.

      Kobe is made with cheaper 430 SS.

      Futuro is made with better 304 SS.

      1. re: DeeAgeaux

        hmm, good point. but the futuro looks to have poor containment.

        just theoretically, what would be better, considering balance between CFM and containment area:

        this futuro futuro with 940 CFM that is totally flat (

        or this kobe with 760 CFM but with a design that seems to have much better containment (b/c of the giant inverted V shape) (



        1. re: ckl

          Those are good looking hoods. I am more of a performance over looks kind of guy.

          For me it would be either the Kobe RA-02 or the Futuro


          You can't get the best of both worlds unless you spend $2500 plus :(

          One day I lean Kobe the next I lean Futuro?!?!? Arghhh

    2. My only comment is to check your fuse box before you invest. The house I just bought just had a kitchen reno. The combo microwave hood fan is excellent and I love it. Unfortunately, I can not use the microwave at the same time as the gas oven. I blow a fuse every time. I've had two electricians out and they both said the same thing. Too much power going to the microwave and rewiring would be required. Both estimate $2000 and ripping out my ceiling. So, now I don't use the microwave and oven at the same time.... when I can remember.