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Mar 25, 2010 07:00 AM

Kosher London

I've found lots of posts and a great resource ( for kosher London. However, I'm mostly interested in restaurants in walking distance from Tube stops, since I will not have a car and will be staying in Central London.

I'd appreciate recommendations on good restaurants (particularly ethnic cuisine--Thai, Indian, etc.), since there aren't a lot of ethnic restaurants where i live, other than Chinese) close to Tube stations. If there is one further from a Tube station that's worth taking a cab, I'd appreciate input on that as well.

Thank you!

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  1. In Central London your only options are Reubens and Bevis Marks, both are in walking distance to tube stations but I wouldn't call either "ethnic". Reubens is technically an ethnic Jewish Deli, but I'm assuming that's not quite what you had in mind.

    Everything in Golders Green is walkable from the tube stop, but it's about a 30 min ride out of Central London. There is an Indian restaurant there, but I forget the name.

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      I was in London recently. We didn't end up going to Golders Green or Hendon b/c it turned out to be a 45 min+ tube ride.. not 30 min. Selfridge's did have more than we thought they would have in terms of packaged stuff..

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        That kind of defeats the purpose. There are plenty of options for food in Central London, but if you want to experience a restaurant, you're pretty much out of luck.

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          We went to a few veggie places recommended by our concierge so that took care of the restaurant part. For lunches, it just wasn't worth it to go to Golders Green. The food in Selfridge's was actually very good.

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            I've had it and I agree, it's just not a restaurant experience.

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              Going back and forth daily to Golders Green I agree is a waste of time. It is not worth losing the extra 1+ hour in the middle of the day for lunch. But if you will be spending more than a day or two in London then going out to Golders Green once for dinner and to experience "Jewish London" is worth it.

    2. I'm looking for dinner recommendations, and I'm fine with riding to Golders Green/Hendon (all my co-workers will be spending their evenings clubbing, so going to get kosher food is a good way to gracefully backing out). I'm actually most interested in places near those Tube stations.


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          Looking for a kosher restaurant that will be open during Pesach, for next Thursday April 1

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          Note: for places in the northern part of Golders Green it makes more sense to stay on the train for one more stop and get out at Brent Cross. So if you're phoning the place ask which station they're closest to.