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Mar 25, 2010 06:41 AM

great cafe/brunch spot close to Brooklyn Heights Marriott?

Any ideas within short walking distance? TIA!

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  1. You're going to have to walk across the park to Brooklyn Heights. A number of places on lower Henry Street or walk a little further to Montague St. There you'll find the Heights Cafe and Teresa's (great inexpensive place with hearty Polish cooking -- not haute cuisine, but you won't leave poor or hungry). And then, you're steps away from the Promenade, the ultimate view and walk in New York City (next, of course, to walking the Brooklyn Bridge).

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    1. re: Fram143

      thank you! both of these sound great.

      1. re: noya

        If you go to Teresa's, try the apple cake (or if they have it, plum cake).

    2. You can also walk over to Atlantic Ave or Smith St... just avoid anything downtown.

      1. Bubbys and the River Cafe (very expensive), both in Dumbo with stunning views, are also worth considering.

        1. Clark Street Diner at the corner of Clark and Henry is geat diner type fare. If you're heading towards Dumbo, I'm personally more a fan of Superfine or Rebar.

          1. Haven't been in a few years, but the restaurant in the Marriott did a very nice weekend brunch buffet.

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