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Mar 25, 2010 06:21 AM

Cinc Sentits, Gaig, La Dama, Sauc, Con Gracia which one?

We are looking for a "special meal" for a Saturday night. I know these restaurants have very different styles and sensibilities, but which one would you choose & why? We are eclectic diners. After leaving Barcelona we will be spending the next week and a half traveling to Tarragona, the Pyrenees & Girona. Any comments about El Celler Can Roca?

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  1. You mentioned in your earlier Barcelona post that you are 'not a big fan of "molecular gastronomy" ', so I think that would eliminate Can Roca. You can't get much more molecular than Can Roca. They also have a lot of seafood. If you want something on the way to Girona, consider Can Fabes in Sant Celoni. It is spectacular, and the food is modern but more updated traditional rather than molecular.

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      Thanks, I was thinking I might try to be a bit more adventurous and give the molecular thing another try. As far as seafood -- all I can do is ask if they can be flexible -- some restaurants are very accommodating. If not, we'll have to find someplace else in Girona. We'll be coming to Girona from Solsona so I don't think we'll make it to Sant Celoni.

      I'm impressed with your knowledge of the restaurants in the area - do you live in Barcelona?

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        I have been to Cinq Sentis and to Gaig, and my preference would be Cinq Sentis. I would put the quality of the food about the same, but the service at Cinq Sentis was superb.

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          Thank you for the compliment, but no, I do not live in Barcelona. I am just totally food-obsessed and when I plan a vacation I spend months researching restaurants and have had great success. We were there in 2007 and this thread includes my post briefly describing our meals in and near Barcelona:

          Bear in mind that my negative comments about Can Roca are partly based on the fact that the best example of molecular cuisine we have ever had was at Akelare in San Sebastian and I just don't think any other comes close. If you are going to be in Girona, Can Roca is certainly worth a try. If they can't substitute the seafood courses on the tasting menu, you could order a la carte.

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            Thanks again. I have a Madrid -based daughter who will be calling restaurants next week to ask about menu substitutions and reservation availability. I'm glad I found these boards -- they are really helpful.