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Mar 25, 2010 05:31 AM

Angela's Cafe in East Boston

Who out there in Chow-ville has been to Angela's Cafe in East Boston? I am in love with their cactus salad, pozole soup and enchiladas with green sauce. If you are in the greater Boston area or beyond I would highly recommend taking the trip to Eastie!

Angela's Cafe
131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

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  1. The fans of Angela's on this board are legion...
    But thanks for the reminder to pop over there again soon. I have never tried the cactus salad - always opt for the guac.
    Welcome to the board!

    1. I'm really sorry to admit that I have not been back to Angela's in several months, and it's one of my favorite restaurants in town. Its Facebook page mentioned something about a "new look", but I'm unsure what that means. I know that they invested in the atmosphere of the place about a year after it opened to good effect, but it didn't look different at all on my most recent visit.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I went a couple weeks ago. They moved the bar to the wall left of the kitchen, which opened up room for additional tables. Looks good. They also now serve Margaritas.

        1. re: FoodLush

          I'm guessing those are wine or sake or cordial margaritas, yes? Their old license wasn't full-liquor, and I imagine upgrading to one would be prohibitively expensive for such a small place.

        2. re: MC Slim JB

          Hi MC Slim--The new look is that that they moved the bar area to the left side of the restaurant so when you walk in you now look at tables. Not a huge difference but I think it gave them a few more seats. Let me know next time you make it over to Eastie I would love to meet you at Angelas!

        3. Going tonight for my bday...psyyyyched.

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          1. re: rknrll

            Going tonight with friends for first time- can't wait after reading posts!

            1. re: jpfoodie1969

              OMG! 1st time to Angela's last night. Had guacamole, shrimp enchiladas verde topped with avocado and radish slices (one of the specials), split flan and chocolate bread pudding (with vanilla icecream and mango sauce on side) with friends, and sangria. It was all soooo delicious. Friends had chicken enchildas mole (which many have raved about), fish tacos, and a spicy pork dish with a verde sauce. I really can't wait to go back. Wish it was closer- no good authentic Mexican restaurants in JP, unfortunately. We had made reservations (it was a Sat night) and the service was excellent.

              1. re: jpfoodie1969

                So glad you had a good experience there....They are a great family owned business. I have also been begging them to start having cooking classes! I think it would be fantastic to learn how to make enchiladas, green sauce and pozole!

          2. Huge thanks to those of you who have sung Angela's praises for a long time here! I can't believe it took me this long to get there. I finally went last week, and it was amazing! Mole was incredible, and the pipian put my lame home efforts to shame. I swear I was still tasting the depth of flavors an hour after the meal, and I mean that in a totally good way! It was one of the most enjoyable meals my husband and I have had out in a long time, and we'll definitely go back and take friends. Absolutely worth the trip.

            I rarely ever post, but often read. So thanks for that too.

            1. For those of you coming by T (5 minute BlueLine ride fromGovt Ctr, + 7 minute walk) - Walking directions - Click on "Angela's Cafe" under map, upper right this page.

              We had our usual great meal - Guac, Chorizo gorditas, Shrimp in cilantro/tomatillo sauce, Special of stuffed, breaded poblanos, covered with mole (!) and Pipian con puerco (pork), and a flan for dessert - Heaven!