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Mar 25, 2010 03:50 AM

In town for Spring Training fun. Need some recs pls.

We are visiting the area taking in some ball games and having some fun. But would like some more guidance on good places to eat. We have already visited a variety of places including:

"Cork" on Alma School Rd. near Chandler (the concept is a little odd and I could use a good explanation for that place.)

The restaurants at The Phoenician Resort. All the food here was very good. (And I was glad I wasn't paying!)

'Boca' in Tempe. Nice cafe for pasta. And 'Four Peaks Brewery' and tried 3 ales and their sandwiches on their 'beer bread' which was highly recommended by the waitress.

Arcadia Farms in Scottsdale. We had a very nice lunch on the porch and wine was 1/2 price by the bottle!

And a few other places whose names I can't remember.

We have a car and can travel. Will be in Tempe and Scottsdale area for a few more days and out in Goodyear for the Reds games. We could also use a hotel recommendation for that side of town. (Is the Wig Wam any good these days?)

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks so much

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  1. Probably too late, but try Fez - really great eclectic menu. Cinnamon Carrot soup and the apricot aioli that came with the great sweet potato fries really rock. Nice spin on eggs benedict as well. Fry Bread House is also different. Get the Green Chile Stew. Yum!

    Fry Bread House
    4140 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013