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Mar 25, 2010 12:16 AM

Nine 05 in the 3rd St/Roosevelt area closes

Matt Carter's new place in the former Fate location.

Was going there to meet friends who were in town for a conference @ ASU Downtown, so we ended up going to Gallo Blanco instead, which was o.k. (another review I need to write)

I just read in the Rep that they were broken into 20 times... in 8 months? Yikes. Does the criminal element have a fetish for egg rolls?

In any case, it's a shame as we can use more chef-driven Asian inspired places outside of sushi joints. Let's hope Matt and others keep plugging away at different spaces, finding what works.

Gallo Blanco Cafe
401 W Clarendon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Nine 05
905 N. 4th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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  1. You might want to search this site further for comments on Nine 05. The reviews were pretty mixed and there have been strong feelings about the price point being out of line. Believe there was something on Chow Bella as well. Anyway, bottom line is alot of people thought this deserved to close.

    Nine 05
    905 N. 4th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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    1. re: Phoenix99

      I don't know that the price point was necessarily out of line, given what the kitchen was doing (or trying to do). I think it was more of case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Given the tight economy, I can see a lot people choosing a $30 dinner at Sens over a $45 dinner at Nine|05 when seeking a pan-Asian meal downtown.

      I think a lot of people in Phx metro are still unaware that are dining options downtown beyond the arena-adjacent sports bars and Pizzeria Bianco. I think as awareness of the downtown dining scene increases, places like Nine|05 will stand more of a chance of surviving in that area. So, while I'm not necessarily surprised that Nine|05 folded, I can't say that I felt it *deserved* to close.

      705 N 1st Street 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      NINE|05 Modern Asian
      905 N 4th St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

    2. I went to Nine 05 on First Friday, because it was the only place we could get in. I thought it would be similiar to Fate, at least in quality. But I was wrong. Our waitress was charming, but the food was an overpriced disappointment. It was $15 for veggie ramen and what I got was a bowl of 20 cents top ramen with vegtables thrown on top! Please!
      Not surprised to see it go when it's not busy on a First Friday!
      Here's to hoping we get a better replacement!

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      1. re: GR8DESIGNER

        Honestly, I never went so I can't comment first hand but heard from a lot of people and saw quite a few postings similar to GR8DESIGNER. I believe there are many good dining options downtown now including Pasta Bar, Fate, Matt's, Roosevelt Tavern, Etc. with more on the way at Cityscape. I've heard so many people complain about downtown dining but it's lightyears from where it was two years ago and picking up steam. What I really like is the diversity of options. From Taco Trucks - think Frontera at 7th and Van Buren to Fox's new steak and chophouse coming to Cityscape and lots in between.

        1. re: Poerz

          Minor correction: Nine|05 took over the 905 N 4th St location after Fate 905 (successor to Fate) closed.