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Mar 24, 2010 10:25 PM


MASECA is a flour to make tortias or papusa's ets.. I know they mostly sale it in latin american stores but where in Toronto would they sale this product..!?

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  1. The first place I would try is the Chowhound search engine...

    1. I actually found some at my local Highland Farms supermarket (Woodbridge), they have a pretty extensive ethnic section. I think it was $5 for a bag of 2kg.

      Highland Farms
      3300 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Z2, CA

      1. I have seen it in the Metro in Liberty Village.

        Also try any of the Latin grocery stores in Kensington Market

        1. I have see this product in Real Canadian Super Store as well as Longos

          1. It's pretty easy to find. IIRC they carry it at No Frills and Price Chopper. Besides those, you can get it (along with a variety of masa) at La Tortillaria Market at Bloor and Dufferin. There are also a few places on augusta in Kensington Market that carry it