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Mar 24, 2010 09:25 PM

Fresh Pita Bread YYC

Years ago I used to buy amazing pitabread at Village Pita (Short Pants Plaza - Memorial Dr NE) - are they still a good place to buy fresh pita bread? Thx.

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    1. I second that "yep" and also recommend their spinach pies with onion and sumac... nuts now I'm hungry again.

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        ....also the regular "loaded" meat pies, or their version of a chicken shawarma with picked turnips and wild cucumber pickles, droooool.

      2. Or you can buy fresh, directly from Byblos Bakery in NE, off 24 street and 23rd ave - just behind the Hooters. I usually pick up a few things if I'm in the area - can't resist.

        1. Best and freshest pita bread I've found is Kalamata Grocery (Downtown 11st SW) or Green Cedars Deli (Forest Lawn 17th SE). They are made by the same bakery (sorry forget the name) and are quite large (Falafel King - the real one- uses these ones too). Super fresh.

          Nothing turns into cardboard faster than a pita! I cut them in half and fold them, put them in a zipper sandwich bag, suck out the air with a straw and freeze. A bit of work but worth it when I'm rushing to grab lunch for work.

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            1. re: John Manzo

              No I don't think so. Next time I pick some up I'll let you know. It starts with an 's' and is in the eastside of the city. Maybe they changed but they used to use these same ones. When I got take out hummous at FK there was one pita left in the bag and they gave me the bag, that's how I found out what they were. They were not Byblos. But as I said, that was a year or more ago. I've moved on.. Byblos are crap compared to these.

              1. re: TSAW

                Not sure 100% that Falafel King uses them, but if they started with S, it's probably Shamsane. Much larger, and also thinner and softer than Byblos; more like the ones I had in the Middle East. Their website is but it's of limited assistance. The little grocer/video store in the ground floor of Bromley Square (10th Ave SW between Centre & 1st) has them; delivery dates were Tuesday and Friday, but I haven't bought any lately.

                1. re: ByeByeBaby

                  Yes, it's Shamsane. I picked up some today. They are super fresh but it's probably like any bread; you need to check if they fresh (I just feel them). Yes, they also carry Byblos but not many (10% of total probably), and they didn't seem as fresh. Give Shamsame a try. We love them.

            2. re: TSAW

              We were at Kalamata and they had Bybolos white pita but they didn't seem super fresh. I ended up buying 'balady bread' which was unbelievably fresh. They are whole wheat and definately the larger size but I couldn't pass them up. They are also made by Bybolos but the print is so small you don't even notice it. I see to remember the pita at Village pita being nice and thin and I find Bybolos white pita to be a bit thick. Thanks for everyone's help!

              1. re: TSAW

                Green Cedars gets pita delivered twice throughout the day.