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Mar 24, 2010 08:43 PM

Eggs Benedict

For the past several months, I've chosen to order the classic eggs benedict dish for brunch at many a Baltimore restaurants. It is easy to overcook the eggs and it has turned out to be the case even at some upscale places I've been to. I've have yet to say anything to the servers or managers about my misfortunes, but have been tempted especially since these are all well regarded dining establishments(any opinions on whether sending it back would be appropriate would be appreciated). To give you some perspective, I've sampled this dish at least 8 different places in the Baltimore area. There was some really good stand out dishes, some, really bad and the rest to be expected. I'm taking into account the whole construction of this dish and will say The Wine Market and Abacrombie have been the best thus far. So, if you have any opinions or anything to add please do share them here.

Wine Market
921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm a huge eggs benedict fan and routinely seek out the dish at all my brunch spots. I kind of thought it should just be standard that the eggs come out slightly runny, and I never thought to specifically ask that they be runny. Then, I had two experiences in which the eggs were seriously overcooked (at least in my mind- they weren't runny at all). But I found myself hesitating to send them back because I hadn't specified that they be runny. In one instance, I just accepted them as is, in the other, I did send them back (in this case they were overcooked by any standards, in fact, they were closer to hardboiled). But, it taught me to now always request runny yolks, that way, there's no confusion and I don't feel bad at all about sending non-runny eggs back. Only downside is that I have once gotten a seriously undercooked egg after this request.

    So yep, I know exactly what you're talking about. When I make it back to Baltimore I'll be sure to try out your recs. For the DC area I highly recommend Silver Diner for their eggs benedict, I've been a half dozen times and the eggs have been consistently perfect and the english muffin they use is really good too, nice and sourdough-y.

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      And then I've had the opposite - white of egg not nearly cooked. yuck. Not to mention the tasteless hollandaise. I rarely order Eggs Benedict partly because of the calorie & fat hit, but more often because I'm afraid it won't be good. It is my favorite breakfast/brunch dish. I think it's time we EB-lovers start telling restaurants if theirs isn't up to snuff, I would think a good restaurant would want to know if the comments were politely given. Eggs Benedict is often a splurge dish, and we should tell the restaurant if our splurge is disappointing.

    2. Blue Moon in Fells Point has a few nice variations on Eggs Benny, and they have been consistently delicious every time I have been there. Perfectly cooked eggs and interesting add ons like artichoke or crab pretty much set me up for a full days worth of weekend recreation, whether it's an athletic afternoon out and about or just riding the couch.

      Blue Moon Cafe
      1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231