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Mar 24, 2010 08:18 PM

Looking for a chinese restaurant that keeps it healthy

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a health nut; I'm just looking for a chinese restauarant that tastes great, and keeps the oil in check. Any suggestions..?

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  1. i'm an uptown girl, so i swear by food shui.
    it's all sorts of asian: a little chinese-american, thai and vietnamese.
    the portions recently shrunk but the prices have stayed the same, so some of us old schoolers were a little cranky.
    the bowls are delicious, and still a good value.
    there are small lunch portion specials, too.
    my fave is the thai basil, hold the peppers, with anything but beef.
    the tofu is fried, however, so be warned.

    if you are looking for something downtown, koriente is great.
    their website says it all:
    "We invite you to have a peek in our kitchen. You won't find a fryer or microwave."
    they started their own restaurant because of the lack of healthy asian dining options.
    you can pretty much customize everything, which i love.
    they even let you lower your carbs by subbing rice for more veggies.
    the parking sucks at night, though, so be warned.