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Mar 24, 2010 07:24 PM

Ferran Adria at Harvard.... again

Sooo..... Ferran Adria is guest lecturing at a class at the Harvard school of physics. Anyone going to be trying to attend? i know i will! A chance to see this legend for a whole semester is a chance in a lifetime, especially since el bulli is closing until 2014. Thoughts? comments?

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  1. I am not sure he will be at every class, but there is a whole roster of big chefs involved, including Jose Andres and Dan Barber. Andres and Adria are helping to conceive the class with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I wouldn't count on being able to audit the class or sit in because I am sure it will be mobbed and full enrollment, but it sounds like the guest each week will also give a public lecture. Here is a link to the story on Harvard's daily:

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      yeah i thought about the mob scene factor.... makes me kinda sad that i'm out of school. but public lecture? so there

    2. Sounds fascinating. I agree with hckybg that it will be nearly impossible for non-students to sit in on the course, but the community lectures should be great. Here's the full course description and tentative syllabus:

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        I went last year and it was ridiculous. The main auditorium was filled so they took us to another to watch it televised, when we got there that one was filled as well so we ended up in a third lecture hall. First there was no audio, then there was no video, when they finally combined the two it was late and very long winded. Also there was an interpreter for Ferran Adria which made it seem canned. I had more fun looking at his website when I got home. He has every single recipe cataloged and photographed!

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          I was able to get into the auditorium--I got there very early--and was very impressed by him. Not to say your experience wasn't an unfortunate one but that setup is not unusual with so popular a guest and a lecture fully open to anyone. He was very funny and showed lots of videos, which wouldn't translate terribly well if you were watching through another camera. I am not sure what to say about the interpreter. He doesn't speak English well so there isn't much of an alternative, I guess. It looks like next year there will be a mix of visitors from different countries, so perhaps you won't face the same issue.