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Mar 24, 2010 07:06 PM

Delirium Tremens Beer - In Bulk.

Whereabouts in Northern VA would one go to find a case or more of Delirium Tremens beer? Used to live in Philadelphia, where beer distributors carried larger amounts of more 'exotic' libations...unaware of where to purchase large amounts of beer besides grocery stores; growing weary of buying 4-packs, and need some for a party I am throwing.

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  1. Total Wine should be able to help you. Checking their catalog online, I see that the one in Landmark sells a case of DT or Delirium Nocturnum in the 750ml size for $120, for example.

    1. I know a place in maryland that will sell a case if you don't mind making the trip.

      1. Second Total Wine, they should have a large amount of it.

        1. Depending upon your location in NoVa, you could likely get Rick's in Alexandria or Norm's in Vienna to order you the quantities that you are looking for. It will probably take a week for it to get in, though. Neither likely keeps a huge stash of it, as it is probably not a high volume seller. Total Wine is very hit-or-miss on their inventories. If you are planning to go to one of those stores, I recommend calling in advance to check their stock.

          1. Mission accomplished; snatched the last case from Total Wine in prior phone call for confirmation. Thank you all for the information; your efforts keep this board as the premier cuisine/libation resource for the area.