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Mar 24, 2010 06:14 PM

Mother's Day Brunch- Westchester/ Fairfield - pls help


I'm having trouble searching the old posts.....

Looking for a Mother's Day brunch suggestion... for a family w/ young children....Buffets are fine. Something w/ nice views, or outside or by the water, or even music would be great!!
General - American, all around cuisine is fine. Any price point is ok. Looking for great food or an amazing buffet (which the kids like)....

Will travel in Westchester County or Fairfield......

Anyone remember what they did LAST YEAR?????

I'm at a loss..... don't know where to go...

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  1. For the best, go to X20 in Yonkers (on the water, great view) or Restaurant X in Congers.

    For an okay buffet, try Crabtree Kittle House (mixed reviews) or Sunset Cove (which is on the water).

    Winfied's in Greenwich is said to be very good.

    Spiga is awful, as is City Limits Diner.

    I found these threads for you:

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      1. re: intrepid

        what ever happened to the rye town hilton's buffet? still ok?

      2. re: anonymouse1935

        Is X20 appropriate for young children? I have the same question as the OP, and also have young children, and keep crossing X20 off our list for that reason... thanks!

        1. re: kerryfood

          If they're well behaved and like good food, I don't see why not.

          Probably best to call the restaurant, and ask them if they serve young children.

      3. Last year we went to the Highlands Country Club and I think it's called the Tavern, although we didn't sit in the Tavern part, we sat in the more formal area and it was a brunch buffet. I'm sure this is a fine restaurant but I wouldn't go back for Mothers Day, the offerings were very limited and it just wasn't that good. For this year I'm thinking Sunset Cove (which is a buffet) or Half Moon, both places would be fine with kids and I've had brunch at Half Moon several times and enjoyed it (it is not a buffet though).

        Half Moon
        1 High Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

        Sunset Cove
        238 Green Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

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        1. re: GIOny

          Sunset Cove has a nice view, as does the Black Bass restaurant, but neither has the same quality food as X20. Not even close.

          1. re: anonymouse1935

            agreed but I think they would be more kid friendly. Where is the Black Bass??

            1. re: GIOny

              I think it's the Black Bass that is about 30 feet from Sunset Cove, and is also on the water.

              Sorry, just looked it up, it's the Striped Bass. Only ordinary food, but wonderful view. And as you noted, probably more kid friendly.

              1. re: anonymouse1935

                It's funny because we use to go to a place on Mothers Day called Black Bass Grille or something like that, it was years ago, it use to be in Rye, and I thought maybe they reopened somewhere. I know the Striped Bass, location is nice on the water but that's all they ever had going for them although I see where they have revamped the place so maybe it got better.
                To the OP, they had a segment on News Ch. 12 about the Tarrytown House having a Mothers Day Brunch, the grounds are very pretty there. I haven't been there in many years so I won't comment on the food, maybe someone who has been there more recently could enlighten us.

                Striped Bass
                236 W Main St, Tarrytown, NY 10591

        2. I saw in the Journal News that the Lake Isle country club has a mother's day brunch again this year. We have never been but a friend of mine had recommended it to me a couple of years ago. I believe they had taken their daughter who was around 5-6 then.

          As to X20 we took our almost 9 yo son (his bday is mother's day btw) there for my bday this year. He is a fairly adventurous eater and ate the one sushi passaround plus ordered salmon with some kind of lo mein for his meal and they gave him sorbet for dessert because he did not like the other choices. They charge half price if kids order off the regular menu and I think $9 if they get pasta or chicken fingers which I seem to remember were also available. There were a few younger kids there. What did annoy me is that we got free champagne and coffee but had to pay around $4 for his one soda.

          Our son was a little antsy by the end of the meal. Buffets are better because he can get up and walk around and it suits his grazing style. The younger kids were walking around with parents following. The place has a great view and outdoor balcony but it was January and raining so we could not go outside.

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            we went top kittle house last year with kids it was a nice brunch beautiful garden views. Its buffet style with shucked oysters, clams, carving stations , smoked meats,cheeses, pasta dishes it was a nice spread

          2. while food is just ok the views are great at Doral at Arrowood, nice place for mom's day, they do a decent buffet that day