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Mar 24, 2010 05:06 PM

tavern on the bay

First time here and I feel like I should take a shower because I feel so dirty. They advertise a happy hour special and it is for sliderS with a big S. The plate came with one slider, Here is where the math gets interesting. One slider happy hour prices for three fifty. Okay, not bad but thougt it was for two., Here is the rub. Two sliders cost 6.50. So at happy hour the customer pays more?? How odd. i asked the manager Christine about it, and she became invisible. Didnt want to deal with it. How sad. Why in the world in a class town like Naples would a road side chain at best hack joint want to rip anyone off??

Caveat Emptor. and go with trepedation...

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  1. Whoa! You sure got taken, getting one, not two promised sliders!

    Thier website even shows a photo of two little sliders for $6.50 regular price
    which is no bargain, when better bigger burgers are less in the area at Richies or Mc Cormick & Schmick, just to name two of many spots.


    Then to have Happy Hour prices even higher than regular prices? Makes no sense to me. There's been a string of restaurant failures at that spot, and this sounds like just another waiting to fail.
    Tavern is not representative of Naples' restaurants.
    Read chowhound, and go to the dozens of better spots in Naples.

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      I am sorry for Insantible. Also, to have a place on the Water and 13 tv's with a 130 big screen HDTV the Prices are great.. The Highest menu price is not even $20 so whats the issue here. No matter the better pricing. Lots of places may have better pricing or comparible pricing. But the location is what counts. Downtown Naples on the Bay over looking the water i mean how much better does it get. McCormicks isn't on the water neither is Richies!! So Bring a different arguement to the table. Especially since obviously from your arguments you have never been there go try it first!!! Its Causal dining and no worries stress free bar and girll pretty much. Not many places get better than this place especially during Season when all the door and windows open and you get the fresh breeze and view of the bay. Awesome place.

    2. I believe Happy hour is rated for Food that is Appitizing not a mean so $3.50 for a slider with a few chips in idea considering 2 sliders with chips is $6.50. Its as if i were buying something at a place that was selling Cameras for instance for 100 bucks a pop. If i said i would give them 170 for 2. Then techincally i got them for 85 / a piece. so happy hour is for the person who wants beer to drink and a snack. So there is something smaller for them to snack on. So the intake you have on it is all wrong. The slider is 3.50 for 1 and 6.50 for 2 sounds right to me. Would you rather pay 3.50 for 1 and 7.50 for 2 that would be a rip off but if they are giving a discount it makes sence considering it should be $7.00 for 2. I think all in all the place is great!! So again how does the math get interesting when the price goes down for 2 sliders. think about what you say before you write it. You sound a little on the other side of the page.

      Tavern On the Bay
      20 Avenida Menendez, Saint Augustine, FL 32084

      1. They charged me $20 for a simple frozen drink! I went to the white-tablecloth restaurant next door (Roy's) and had one for $8.50. When I complained to the management I got nowhere so the bartenders apparently charge whatever they want for drinks. AVOID Tavern On The Bay in Naples, FL.