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Pho - Near Central/Camelback, Phoenix

I will be in town, staying near Central/Camelback, for a Dodger's Spring Training game this weekend. Would you please recommend a good place to get Pho on Friday for a late lunch in the area? I have searched, but the most recent posts are about 6 months old and I don't want to drive somewhere that may have gone downhill or closed since then. Also, anything else in the area you think of as a "must" would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Da Vang on 19th Ave about 1/2 mile south of Camelback at Hazelwood is hands down, my favorite pho place in Phoenix.
    The place that used to be Pho Bang has reopened and I think it's quite a bit better than what it used to be. I think it's called Pho Trahn and it's on the NW corner of Camelback and 17th Ave. I went there a couple of weeks ago with my neighbor and found the pho to be pretty good.

    1. Although, the restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside (frankly, it doesn't look like much from the inside either), the pho I had at Maxim was quite good. The broth was flavorful and very full-bodied broth. It might sound weird, but one thing that really impressed me was how the leftover broth set up like Jell-O, after being in the fridge overnight.

      Maxim Restaurant
      3424 N 19th Ave # 8, Phoenix, AZ

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        I'll second Maxim. It's a true hole in the wall (with actual holes in the wall), but the pho is great, and the selection is huge.

      2. The posts above touch upon all three restaurants that I would recommend. One clarification: The successor to Pho Bang is Pho Thanh. I agree with the favorable assessment.

        Also, thanks for such a specific inquiry. It's such a pleasant alternative to the endless and vague "best restaurants in Scottsdale" questions that appear this time of year.

        Davang Coffee Shop
        4538 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015

        1. Da Vang. Good pho. You won't be disappointed.

          1. Swede,

            Don't expect anything like you'd get in Westminster, Garden Grove or the SGV, but Maxim is pretty decent by Phoenix standards.

            Go Blue!

            1. I remember you asking about walleye at Culver's. They have it, for a limited time. Too much breading for my taste.

              1. Hi everyone! Thank you for the great recs! Maybe I will have to visit a few of these places (even though we already have other places on the agenda!!)! One of my friends once called me a liar when I told her I could eat Pho every day of my life, but it really is true (I think Ipse knows this from my posts on the LA board!!)! I LOVE IT!!
                "Although, the restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside (frankly, it doesn't look like much from the inside either)..." LOL! What Pho place ever REALLY looks good?? ;-) Also, that's interesting about the Jello transformation - usually mine just gets a thin layer of fat on top when it has been in the fridge.
                Wow, John, good memory! That was a while ago regarding the Walleye. Thanks!!
                One more quick question. Do any of these places do chargrilled pork in which it is actually grilled over live flame? That is my favorite Pho version (Chargrilled Pork), but most places don't have it on the menu. I get it out here at Pho 79 in Alhambra (my favorite by a long shot) as they actually have it on the menu. Other places, I order the pho sans meat with an appetizer order of the chargrilled pork on the side and dump that into my soup!! I don't get why more places don't put this on the menu. If the pork is good and grilled it lends a phenomenal flavor to the whole thing... great, now my mouth is watering!!
                Thank you all again!

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                  At Maxim, they don't have the "pho thit nuong" but you can order a side of BBQ pork.

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                    Perfectamundo! Thank you all again!!!

                2. Thank you, everyone, for your recs. Unfortunately, due to my fantastic ability to waste time, I did not have any time before picking up my friend at the airport to go sample PhoenixPho. However, we were fortunate and got to try The Fry Bread House (green chile stew was fantastic!), Fez for breakfast (best meal of the trip right up there with Fry Bread House), Pizzeria Bianco and The Waffle House on my Dodger's Spring Training Weekend (they won!). You guys are the best! Can't wait to visit your wonderful city again soon!!

                  Pizzeria Bianco
                  623 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

                  Fry Bread House
                  802 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ