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Mar 24, 2010 03:32 PM

Clubhouse Cafe

Having had a miserable hamburger experience over the weekend at a large restaurant that I will leave unnamed (the burger was a clearly cooked-while-frozen pre-formed patty that had been burned on the outside yet it remained raw on the inside served on a soggy bun), I felt the need to reclaim hamburgers. Off I went to Clubhouse Cafe for its "Classic" burger topped with beef bacon. This version is a fresh, individually-formed thick and very juicy burger. It comes on a lightly toasted bun and was cooked to my specified doneness. The bacon stand-in adds a nice flavor element but the burger is delicious on its own. I also had an order of their wings as I would never go there without enjoying a batch.

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    1. Wolf and lamb makes a great burger, i woudl try them if you are in the mood and its also a much quieter environment, if thats what your looking for.

      1. Prime Grill makes some really great burgers - I especially like their porcini burger.

        1. Nothing wrong with a cooked-while-frozen pre-formed patty, in and of itself. We make our own patties and freeze them, because they work best on the grill when they are frozen first- otherwise, they cook too fast and liberate too much fat, contract too much and become little lumps of meat rather than flat burger patties. But care must be taken in the thickness of the patty- it should be pretty thin to allow it to cook through. Our burgers take about 4 minutes per side on our grill. A thicker patty would not cook properly, as it would require greater time per side, and as a result would burn on the outside.

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            The offending cooked-while-frozen pre-formed patty was thick enough (I'd estimate about 11/4") to suffer from a charred exterior and deep red interior. A thin patty has its place and certainly is much easier to cook on a grill.
            The delicious offering at Clubhouse is closer to two inches in thickness and is surely cooked on a griddle. If juiciness in the burger itself is desired, there is no substitute for a freshly-formed, thicker patty.

            1. re: Kosher Critic

              Yes, for the sake of reproducibility, we make all of our patties 1/4 lb., which works out top about 4 1/2 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch thick. We sell 1 and 2 patty burgers. They are definitely more of a fast food-type burger, but people go ape over them anyway, which is probably due to the MacDonald's driven standard of patties, special sauce, lettuce, (no cheese) pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Frankly, it's a great combination, which I'm sure is one of the reasons MacDonald's is doing so well.

          2. the bison burger at clubhouse is also great. i haven't tried the "bacon" one, but now i've added it to my list!

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            1. re: kosherfoodies

              Have you tried the burger at Cafe Classico? For me, that's the best burger in NYC.

              1. re: sadg95

                Actually, I tried to order one there yesterday but was told that there would be a 25 minute delay. I agree that Classico's burgers are quite tasty, but the Clubhouse offering is of a higher quality.