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Mar 24, 2010 03:28 PM

bbq chicken

i'm going to be doing some bbq chicken for an outdoor grill party tomorrow and i was wondering if i should put the bbq sauce on the chicken overnight or just serve it on top once the chicken has been grilled off?

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  1. I wouldn't put the sauce on the chicken before cooking it because the sauce contains sugars that will cause the chicken to burn before it's cooked. Sauce about 10 minutes before you pull the chicken off the grill and again when you take it off.

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        cherylptw is correct. i like it with a little char so i go with the last 15 minutes.

    1. If you have the time and want to give it some extra flavor, you could brine it overnight in some water with kosher salt, herbs (thyme works well), lemon, garlic and a little brown sugar. Then grill it and baste the BBQ sauce on at the very end.


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        Cherylptw is certainly correct. While you don't want to put the sauce on until near the end of cooking, you could certainly use a rub on the chicken several hours ahead of cooking. Put the rub all over the chicken, but also put some under the skin and rub some into the sides of the cavity (if using a whole chicken). My rub recipe is pretty free form, but usually includes: Salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic salt and a little brown sugar. Dry the skin and apply the rub a few hours ahead of time, grill it and finish with the bbq sauce. Enjoy!

      2. thanks everyone. the chicken turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot!

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          How did you do it? Grilled plain, and then sauced at the end?