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Fries Cooked In Duck Fat

I'm looking for a family-friendly restaurant in the city where they use duck fat (lard would also be acceptable, naturally) to fry potatoes. Does such a place exist?

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  1. I read awhile ago that DiBruno Bros. in Comcat center has fries in duckfat ---not a restaurant, but food court, but very family friendly and near city hall....etc.....

    1. and should add, a litle nicer than your everyday food court

      1. the potatoes at Paesano's are cooked in duck fat and covered in cheese.

        Village Whiskey (not quite family friendly) also has duck-fat fries.

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          Are you sure they use duck fat at Paesano's? They say they are made with "all the fat and flavor we can muster." I figured they just used whatever drippings they had from their roast pork and the other meats they cook. They don't serve any duck (that I know of). The potatoes are deliciously fatty and flavorful in any case, and to clarify they are not drenched in cheese like cheese fries would be but have a generous, fine grating of Parmasan or similar cheese.

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            I absolutely could be wrong - I swear I read that somewhere, but a google search of "Paesano's and duck fat" gives me this, which is far from official:

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            OMG re: Village Whiskey. DING DING DING!
            That menu looks amazing...pickles, hamburgers using sustainable beef, and holy moly...short ribs and fries!!!
            Not to mention the beverages....

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              VW is not family friendly, it's very small and usually packed. If you can get there during the lull between lunch and dinner on a weekday you should be OK.

          3. I fried potatoes in duck fat for dinner tonight. I've never had them as good at a restaurant. Easy, peasy.

            1. Try Bistro 7. They are known for their fries made in duck fat. It's a little place on Old City. Should be family friendly because it's fun and noisy.

              7 North 3rd Street
              Philadelphia, PA 19106-4506
              (215) 931-1560

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                I've been wanting to go there. How's the rest of the menu?

              2. Ok, what does duck fat do that the other bad stuff doesn't?

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                  Don't know if the OP is interested in anything besides flavor, but there is a school of thought that industrially processed vegetable oils cause health problems, especially when heated to high temperature, and that natural saturated fats are more nutritious and less detrimental. Lard and animal fats also taste much better :).