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Mar 24, 2010 01:59 PM

Fries Cooked In Duck Fat

I'm looking for a family-friendly restaurant in the city where they use duck fat (lard would also be acceptable, naturally) to fry potatoes. Does such a place exist?

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  1. I read awhile ago that DiBruno Bros. in Comcat center has fries in duckfat ---not a restaurant, but food court, but very family friendly and near city hall....etc.....

    1. and should add, a litle nicer than your everyday food court

      1. the potatoes at Paesano's are cooked in duck fat and covered in cheese.

        Village Whiskey (not quite family friendly) also has duck-fat fries.

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          Are you sure they use duck fat at Paesano's? They say they are made with "all the fat and flavor we can muster." I figured they just used whatever drippings they had from their roast pork and the other meats they cook. They don't serve any duck (that I know of). The potatoes are deliciously fatty and flavorful in any case, and to clarify they are not drenched in cheese like cheese fries would be but have a generous, fine grating of Parmasan or similar cheese.

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            I absolutely could be wrong - I swear I read that somewhere, but a google search of "Paesano's and duck fat" gives me this, which is far from official:

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            OMG re: Village Whiskey. DING DING DING!
            That menu looks amazing...pickles, hamburgers using sustainable beef, and holy moly...short ribs and fries!!!
            Not to mention the beverages....

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              VW is not family friendly, it's very small and usually packed. If you can get there during the lull between lunch and dinner on a weekday you should be OK.

          3. I fried potatoes in duck fat for dinner tonight. I've never had them as good at a restaurant. Easy, peasy.

            1. Try Bistro 7. They are known for their fries made in duck fat. It's a little place on Old City. Should be family friendly because it's fun and noisy.

              7 North 3rd Street
              Philadelphia, PA 19106-4506
              (215) 931-1560

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                I've been wanting to go there. How's the rest of the menu?