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Anyone have a great mjadra recipe?

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Just finished eating some mjadra from a local Vancouver cafe (nuba) which was fantastic!

Now since it is extremely healthy and basically contains lentils, onions, spices and oil I would really like to make a batch myself.

The thing is, I suspect that a bad recipe could be extremely dull. Anyone have a good mjadra authentic recipe?

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  1. I'm pretty sure that the NYT had a recipe for Mujadara (i think that's how they spelled it) in the last two weeks. Give their recipe archive a shot.

    1. Desert candy usually has good iterations of Levantine dishes: http://desertcandy.blogspot.com/2009/...

      1. Use this recipe as a base and incorporate your own spices. I have had great results when I throw in cardamom( black, not green) and cumin/coriander powders. Also, I prefer to use ghee instead of olive oil...


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          I have used and enjoyed this recipe. I think that the key is to really brown your onions well.

        2. try the youtube recipe by mimicooks maybe.

            1. This is my typical recipe for mujadara. Basic ratio 1 cup of rice to 1/2 cup of lentils.

              I start by frying a whole bunch of sliced onions until they are golden brown. I get the lentils started in salted water. Use about as much water as you would cook the rice in. Once the lentils are tender but not soft I start the rice. Use the oil from the onions to fry the raw rice then add the lentils and cooking liquid. Cook together like you would normally cook rice. When done serve with the fried onions on top. I sometimes add some onions to the rice before adding the liquid to get some mixed through and through. You can't have too many fried onions. The oil from the onions is very fragrant so that's why I like to use it to fry the rice. Frying raw rice in oil before adding the liquid is a very typical Middle Eastern method of rice prep.