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Mar 24, 2010 01:47 PM

Restaurant Recs for Young Newlywed Couple - [Stamford, Ct]

As a wedding present I'm considering giving a gift certificate to a Stamford area restaurant. Please offer suggestions on what would be good within these parameters. The couple is in their early 20's, the groom is reported to be a good cook and he is Italian. I believe these folks are tuned into the trendy places in town, but don't know them well enough to know their preferences. I was hoping to get a white table cloth establishment that they ordinarily might not go to on their own. By that I mean I'm looking for something that might be for a special occasion rather than everyday fare. Alternatively a trendy new place with a good rep. that is popular with the younger crowd might be a good suggestion.


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    1. re: jfood

      I'm looking for a place around $100 - $150 for a dinner for 2.

      1. re: Jambalaya

        My vote would definitely be for Napa & Co. Great food, fun vibe...check out the website, menus are posted, you can get a feel for it.

    2. Napa & Co. In my opinion, best food in Stamford, and also a good scene (my husband and I are late 20's)

      To jfood's point on price range, dinner for 2 with appetizer and dessert and a moderate bottle of wine is likely to run about $150. It can be less or much more (they have an impressive wine list), but I would say $150 is our average.

      Another good "scene" at a lesser price point is Barcelona. Our typical dinner bill (with drinks) is in the $75 - $100 range there.

      1. I'll 2nd the Napa & Co selection.

        If you want Italian I would say Columbus Park Tratorria - - but I must confess that I haven't been there in at least 18 months - - but I believe they are still well regarded around the downtown Stamford area.

        1. You have jfood's choices upthread

          1. Late to the table, but try Siena - authentic, good wine list, good quality ingredients.