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Mar 24, 2010 12:29 PM

Favorite Foodie Events in Seattle

What are your favorite foodie events in Seattle? I'm looking at my "fun events" list for the coming summer, and I'd like to expand my usual rotation. What do you find terrifically entertaining, and preferably under $100 per ticket?

My two favorites are Sunset Supper at Pike Place Market (August) and Elliott's Oyster New Year (fall.) I hear Guest Chef night with FareStart / RhoneRangers is terrific, going to try to go to that this year.

What other events are worth seeking out? Cheers!

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  1. I've never been, but I have always wanted to make it out to Burning Beast.

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      I love Outstanding in the Field. Pricey, but great experience. Two Seattle events this year in July.

      1. re: bluedog67

        I second the mention of Outstanding in the Field. Worth every penny. Tickets just went on sale for this year's Seattle event.

    2. If you are a shellfish fan and are willing to venture out of the city limits, there is the Bivalve Bash on Chuckanut Bay in July:

      Also, the OysterFest in Shelton is held the first weekend in October:

      The following weekend is the Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival in Port Angeles:

      1. If you want to splurge the Washington Winemaker Dinners that go on around town in August are great fun. http://www.auctionofwashingtonwines.o...

        1. Not sure on the price but the incredible feast is awesome and for a good cause.

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            I agree on the Incredible Feast - I've had some really incredible bits of food there over the years. Holly Smith put together a duck, chanterelle, and nectarine dish that even after a few years I am still remembering.

          2. Farther afield, the Astoria "Crab, Seafood,and Wine Festival" is good for a long daytrip or a quick overnight on the Oregon coast.

            50% Oregon wineries, 25% specialty food vendors, 25% crafts, and a huge festival tent selling whole dungeness crabs, crab melt sandwiches, fried oysters, etc. Live music and live crab races. You can't go wrong.


            Third weekend in April.