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Mar 24, 2010 11:37 AM

Palm Springs Italian?

My husband and I bought a home in Palm Springs about two years ago and despite a lot of comments on this site about how PS is a "culinary wasteland" with mostly mediocre eateries, we've found quite a few spots we absolutely love including Johannes, Copley's, Davey's, El Mirasol, Matchbox, and Cheekys.
However, we haven't had much luck with Italian restaurants. We tried Al Dente and Johnny Costa's over a year ago, and didn't love either of them. A few months ago we tried Sammy G's and found it average and overpriced. My dad is coming for a visit this weekend from the East Coast for two weeks. I know he'll want at least a couple of Italian meals. Any good spots anyone can recommend? Elsewhere in the Valley is fine. I've also heard about a place called Bella Luna in Cathedral City that's supposed to have homemade pastas. Anyone been?
Or have other ideas?

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  1. Just had dinner tonight at Zini Med. Very cool place. Caesar salad was good. Roasted beet and goat cheese salad small plate very good. The zuppa pesce was fantastic (shrimp, salmon, calamari, mussels and clams in a very tasty broth. Saw the pasta at the table next to me and it looked great. I had the sole targine. Everything was very good. Superb glass of rioja for $7. They also have a restaurant down the street called Zin Bistro. Checking that out tomorrow. The menu looks great and they have selected half priced wines.

    Zini Cafe Med
    140 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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      Ah yes, I've been to Zini Med a few times and really enjoyed the tapas and wine selection. I used to go to Zin Bistro but had a blah meal there the last time, I should give it another shot though. I'd be interested to know what you think of Zin. For the price, I think Johannes is much better, though.

    2. Had a meal at Trattoria Bella Luna last month. Fresh tomato, garlic, basil pasta dish was fabulous. They have neapolitan style pizza that was also good. Small quiet restaurant in a stripmall. The location does not match the food. I will be there again this week. Great service, Great food!

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        Thanks, Jeffandnat. I'll check it out!

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          Isla try a place called La spiga. It has very good food. Pretty pricey but worth going atleast once. Great outdoor seating.

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          Two friends and I went to Bella Luna last Saturday night. It's a small (nine tables) place, quite attractive with interesting art on the walls and very gracious staff. Our experience was very mixed. For example, my chicken picatta was as good as that dish gets and also a large serving, coming with pasta and vegetables and salad for $17.95 (I think). A great deal. Except... the broccoli was so mushy I would have thrown it away if I had cooked it (and I'm very forgiving for myself with my own cooking). It also was cool, not even warm much less hot. The pasta (spaghetti with red sauce) was OK, not great. Salad was OK. It took over an hour for our food (except for the salads) to arrive after we ordered. I wanted to like this place but, with my limited time in Palm Springs each year, I won't be going back to see if we experienced an off night.

          La Trottoria Bella Luna
          68525 Ramon Rd, Cathedral City, CA 92234

        3. It's a half-year late, but just brightened my bi-annual visit to the in-laws with dinner at Donatella Ristorante, in Rancho Mirage, which is pretty good, serves enormous portions, including some house-made pastas, priced very reasonably, and as nearly as I can tell, has gone wholly unmentioned on Chowhound. In what appears to be otherwise a medical office building, across from the "Elephant Car Wash" (but then again, so's Alan Wong's in HW)