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Food Network Stainless Steel cookware set at Kohls

Anyone have any experience with this line?


I'm trying to decide between this and the Tramontina set at Walmart. I only cook for 2 about 99% of the time, so the Tramontina sizes seem huge to me. But I know people usually prefer the stainless steel lids to the glass ones that the Kohls set has. I can get the Kohls set for about $100 less than the Tramontina with coupons and Kohls cash back, so of course I'm leaning towards that set. But I can't find any reviews on it anywhere.

Just wondering if they would be as good as the Tramontina line.

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      I would use most of the pieces at one time or another. The Kohls set isn't sold individually, so if I went that route I would have to get the Tramontina. By the time I get all the individual pieces I'm almost at the cost of the set.

      1. re: mishasmom

        the tramontina 10 piece is 249

        they also have the 8 piece with smaller pans for 149, my local store carries that one.

    2. Can you get a replacement of the glass lids when it is broken? Are you sure that the glass lid is also oven safe? The set includes a saute pan. I have many good recipes asking to use a saute pan in oven. If I were you, I would avoid any set with glass lids because I know I would be careless sometimes and even pylex shutters in oven. I know Calphalon's lines are also with glass lids, but at least their replacement lids seem widely available including BBB. The stainless steel lid itself is enough for me to go with tramontina. On top of that, CI's good review on it.

      1. From reputation, I will go for Tramontina and especially the Walmart prices shown by grnidkjun. I am just not super impressed with the Food Network knives. I know, I know. Knives are not the same as cookware, but I am just saying I think that we should not buy into the "Food Network"'s name.

        On top, the Tramontina set is made with 18/10 stainless steel. Better looking.

        1. I have a set of stainless with stainless lids and some stainless pans with glass lids, and I really like the glass lids. The oven-safe question is pertinent, as well as knowing if you would be able to order replacement lids.

          I think it is best to handle the pans you are considering, decide if they are comfy in your hand, and whether they feel balanced. and if the handles are well attached. I think a set is a good way to get started with decent pans. If you become cooking obsessed you will want other and better things, but a moderately priced set is a good way to begin.

          There is no black and white answer to this question. Ultimately you have to decide which set meets your needs. I wouldn't make this decision based on cost, unless you have to.

          1. I know nothing at all about the Food Network products but the glass lids would stop me from considering it. I do have the Tramontina - the 8 piece set and some open stock pieces and I have been delighted with it. I also have several pieces of All-Clad stainless and they are, as Cook's Ilustrated reported, equal in beauty, performance and construction.

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              Why do people worry about glass lids this much? I have glass lid and the only think I don't like about it is that it is more difficult to clean.

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                I have a combination of glass and stainless.. I have the stainless that have come with my ply cookware.. and I've kept several glass lids from my old set that I've replaced. Sometimes I like a glass lid and if they fit the ply cookware.. then sometimes I use them too. I've not had issues with the glass lids getting cloudy.. I just wash them in the dishwasher.

            2. Glass lids - harder to clean, less likely to be oven safe ( esp at higher temps) and the ever-present fear of breakage. And to be honest, I simply don't like the look of them after they are used for a little bit, it seems even when people try hard to clean them they start to look a little scruffy.

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                Totally Agree. Glass breaks vs stainless steel might bend when worst case it hits the floor very hard. Some sales people told me that glass lids are more practical to see how things are being cooked. Is this really true? I think that the lid does not stay clear transparent when a pot/pan is on heat because of the steam from the things cooked or liquid in the pot/pan. I also noticed glass replacement lids are not necessarily cheap either as far as I see the replacement lids for calphalon's.

                1. Thanks for all your replies. Does anyone know what the advantage of the 18/10 stainless steel is? I know the Tramontina is 18/10 but I don't think the Food Network set is.

                  My sister-in-law recommended Chantal Copper Fusion-are they worth the money? There's not a lot of reviews out there on this line.

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                    18/10 is considered a higher grade of stainless steel than 18/0 and 18/0 . The "10" refer to 10% nickel. It makes the steel shiner and even more stainless. However, 18/10 is not magnetic (rather very very weak), so a 18/10 stainless steel cookware will not work on an induction range.

                    If you think you will be using an induction range, then you should consider another. If not, 18/10 is a great steel.

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                      The Tramontina tri-ply line will work on induction as it is clad and not just stainless construction. All of my pieces are induction ready.

                      1. re: knet


                        What do you mean by "it is clad and not just stainless construction"? Triply cookware are cladded by definition. Calphalon triply cookware are cladded with 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, 18/10 stainless steel -- none of which is strongly magnetic. All Clad cookware are cladded with 18/10 interior, aluminum, 18/0 exterior. It is the exterior 18/0 which gives All Clad the induction capacibility. If induction is important, get 18/0. However, 18/10 is considered a higher grade of stainless steel than 18/0.

                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                          Hi CK - completely correct but I was just trying to respond to the question on stainless steel. It wasn't clear if the poster knew that the Tramontina line mentioned in that question WAS actually cladded.

                    2. Walmart had a Tramontina 22 qt., 18/10 SS stock pot on sale for 17 DOLLARS !!! I asked if they had more but it was the last one. Yes it has a glass lid..... BUT, Macy's has 'Tools of the Trade' cookware, and one of the items is a 12 ", 5 qt. SS sauteuse (no lid, straight sides) on sale for $15, and the glass lid fits the new pan just fine. Yes, Tools of the Trade is on the light side (and almost disposable) but it fits a niche

                      1. I'm curious to hear what you decided. I'm having the same dilemma right now. I have the Kohl's Food Network set and similar sized Tramontina pans from Walmart and I'm trying to decide between the two. The cost for the Food Network set for me was $210 and the Tramontina was $300. The Food Network set comes with 1 1/2 and 3 Qt saucepans, 9 1/4" and 11" skillets, 8 Qt stockpot and a 5 Qt saute pan. The Tramontina pans I have are 2 and 4 Qt saucepans, 10 and 12" skillets, 8 Qt stockpot with pasta insert and a 5 Qt saute pan.

                        The Food Network set is cheaper but also smaller and with glass lids. However, it has rolled edges on the saucepans, stockpot and saute pan. The rolled edge seems nice. The Tramontina pans are more expensive but are also larger, have SS lids, and the handles are more comfortable.

                        Does anyone know which pans are more durable? Anyone have any other likes or dislikes with either pans? My wife is about to kill me for having so many different pans in the house.

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                          I bought the Food Network set, but haven't opened the box yet. The smaller sizes appealed to me-I never cook enough food to need a 12 qt stockpot! Plus I wanted the 5 qt saute pan versus the 5 qt dutch oven that comes with the Tramontina (and I really hate those pasta inserts-the pasta always sticks in all the little holes and is a pain to clean). I also liked the rolled edges. I am a little concerned about the glass lids, but I'll just have to be careful. I did look at both of them before I decided-wanted to feel how heavy they were, what the handles felt like, etc. I hope I'm happy with my decision.