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Mar 24, 2010 10:34 AM

Poutargue in Montreal?

Can any CH help me out and tell me where oh where might I find this interesting fish-roe-filled sausage in our fair city? Was going to try out Marcella Hazan's recipe for Poutargue and I am at a loss. Help!

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  1. I second the request! It is also known as Bottarga...

    I would suspect it is to be found in some sort of Mediterranean deli kind of place. Northern Mediterranean to be more specific, since I have seen recipes for it from Spain, France, Italy, and Turkey (of course, I may have just never seen the recipes from other places...that's not to say they don't exist).

    Another option is to make your own, but finding fish roe that is fresh enough that you would want to eat it uncooked may be even harder than finding the bottarga itself.

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      I found this website of italian specialty food suppliers in Mtl that carry bottarga:

      In the comments its mentioned that it's possible to buy from them directly.

    2. It's listed in the Marché Transatlantique catalogue with the note "sur commande." 200 gr. No price given.

      1. There is a source in Montreal that I've tried. It involved going to some tenement in CDN, and meeting a guy in a ripped tank top and sweats who handed over a waxy package.
        It's not Italian bottarga, I think they use Gulf of Mexico mullet roe.
        Here's the connex:
        For US and Canada orders, click:
        Alternately, for the Sardinian stuff, though not sure they ship to Canada


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          I'm pretty sure you can find some at La Sirene, just besides Adonis (corner Sauve and L'Acadie).

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            I was thinking of heading out to Shamrock at the JTM and maybe Coralli up on Meilleur to see if wither would have any. Wish me luck!

            1. re: JohnnyGe

              You should also check out the big Italian grocery stores like Milano while you are close. You never know, they might have it too... Since your in the neighbourhood....

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I saw some the other day at the fish counter of Adonis in Ville St Laurent. I was just quickly passing by, but I remember the price as being 34$ (per pound or per kilo, I am afraid I don't remember). Will check next time I go by and update.

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              1. re: karela

                Tks Karela. Will drop by sometime Saturday to check it out. I'm assuming it's the Place Vertu, and not the Sauve, location.....

                1. re: JohnnyGe

                  You're right, it is the Place Vertu location, sorry I wasn't clear about that. Saw it on Monday, hope it is still there ...

                  1. re: karela

                    Thanks so much! I was able to get some today for a recipe I wanted to try from Zuni Café.

                    1. re: texaspeppers

                      Chez Vito on Fairmount sometimes has it. But call ahead, it's not always in stock.