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Mar 24, 2010 10:20 AM

Fornino branch coming into the old Tempo space

Michael Ayoub is coming back to Park Slope! The NY Times reports that he is opening a branch of Fornino in the old Tempo space. Those of you around long enough will remember that pre-Tempo, that space was Cucina, also a Michael Ayoub restaurant.

Personally I am thrilled with this, as we loved Cucina, Mike & Tony's, and we really like Fornino too, but rarely trek out to Williamsburg.

187 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. so Michael Ayoub is coming back to the space where he ran Cucina, funny. I do like his place in W'burg, actually.

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      Looks like its opening next week, and here's the menu...looks great, I can't wait! Just hope they'll take reservations..or we'll never get in. Pizza will be grilled...but the combos look amazing.

      article on Grubstreet:

    2. We were really excited to try the new Fornino as we like the Williamsburg branch and always loved Cucina. Went last night (2nd night they were open) and so expected some glitches. Actually, the service was generally good--they take reservations, which is a huge plus--and the place is large and bustling. We started out with some antipasti--the offerings are reminiscent of Cucina's, in fact many of the same dishes that were on their antipasti table (for those that remember!) We had roasted beets with ricotta salata, shrimp with white beans, and grilled asparagus with parmesan..all simply prepared but tasty. The wine we ordered was a long time coming up from the celler so our waiter gave us complimentary glasses to have with our antipasti--a nice touch. So far, so good.

      Unfortunately, we were really disappointed in the grilled pizzas. All toppings were high-quality but the grilled crust really fell flat--pun intended. It was more like a flatbread than a pizza, thin and too crispy and dry. The crusts were obviously grilled first on both sides (you could see the grill marks on the top) and then topped, so the toppings just sort of sat on the surface and never melded. It wasn't so bad when everything was hot from the oven but as it cooled down it was like eating toppings on crackers. I was really seriously bummed because I so much wanted to love this pizza, but I guess its still going to be Lucali or Motorino when we want a pizza meal in Brooklyn. Or even the Fornino in Williamsburg!

      One other glitch--I received a totally different pizza than I ordered, which wasn't even on the menu--I didn't even realize it until I had eaten part of it, and it was tasty, so I didn't mention it until the bill came--but it wasn't what I ordered. I had ordered the mushroom and truffled dry sausage pizza but what I got was a pizza with sliced black truffles and a ton of truffle oil, which was way too truffly for me in the end. Spouse ordered the Calabrese (with a spicy sopressetta-type sausage) and again, while toppings were good quality, he was similarly disappointed in it as "pizza". I hate to say it but we remarked that the crust reminded us of the crusts we've had on some frozen pizzas we've bought at Costo :(

      Still, I would like to return and try their pastas or entrees---the prices are great, wine list interesting with some reasonably priced bottles (we had a Maremma Sangoviese at $19 which was fine.) We saw some pastas passing by and they looked good. I just would never go back there for pizza.

      575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      187 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215