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Hirozen under New Management - Does anyone know anything about this?

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Just read that Hirozen on Beverly Blvd. is under new management:


Does anyone know anything about this? Have they changed chefs? menus?

8385 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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  1. yikes. i loved it the way it was; i hope they don't change a thing. i'm curious to know if it's different.

    1. has anyone been and noticed a difference? please let me know, i haven't been in a while so i'm curious.

      1. wondering if anyone has been to hirozen yet...? if not, i may go try it out at some point. i just am not looking forward to it being any different.

        1. I haven't noticed any differences. All the staff and recipes are the same. But no friendly family and none of the more obscure tendon specials.

          1. I was there a few months ago and was served a bowl of rice that was inedible. I thought it was odd and hadn't known there was a change in management.

            1. I Finally went to Hirozen again. No difference at all from what I could tell. i did order off the menu where it tells you what's fresh today and it was INCREDIBLE! go now to get the wild yellowtail, they'll only have it until the end of the year and it was amazing. My favorite chef was still there, the scallop cut roll (my fave) was the same, and the other three sushi orders were great. I had that wild yellowtail (it's called something else though), the wild salmon from new zealand, and the sweet shrimp from boston. I did notice the prices increased at least $1 or more. What used to be $4.80 (scallop roll) is now $5.80, etc etc.

              8385 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

              1. Just reporting back to say that the cooked food is exactly the same. I don't quite see quite as many Hiro-san touches liked cooked tendon or whatever (he loved organ meats) but the menu stapes are all the same, same cooks in back. My toddler loves about 20 dishes here.

                But weirdly, and wonderfully, the sushi has improved. I could always good sushi because I knew what to order but now, wow, much better. Much better variety, much more seasonal, more interesting selections, and unless I am mistaken the rice is a little better too warmish, softer in style. I enjoyed it for regular, reliable pieces but the new more ambitious selection is terrific. Comparatively inexpensive too. The bill is helped that I enjoy cheapo warm sake on occasion and that most quality sushi places don't serve it. =)

                I asked carefully, and with respect, about the changes, and I was answered carefully and with respect, that the sushi chefs have more flexability now with sushi selection and pricing. I surmise that cooked food no longer has to be star.