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Mar 24, 2010 09:29 AM

Fresh Peas yet?

I know Im pushing the season a bit -but has anyone seen fresh peas anywhere yet? Whole Foods? Russo's? Anywhere?

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  1. Chinese market @ Lincoln/Beach on the other side of the chinatown garage - pea tendrils, baby pea pods, snap peas but they go fast. No full size podded peas yet tho.

    1. They had both fresh peas in the pod and bags of pea tendrils at Russo's when I was there today around lunchtime. The tendrils looked pretty tired, the pod peas better.

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        Yes, Barmy and I saw fresh peas at Russo's this afternoon. In the past I think they have had them with the snow peas and sugar snaps (back near dairy, lettuces, and the Asian veggies), but they were actually out near the cheese counter and the registers, right next to the green beans.

      2. In the Boston area, the general rule for sowing peas is St. Patrick's day I believe, so if you're looking for local peas, you might find greenhouse grown ones, but the ones grown outside aren't going to be around for a while.

        1. I'm thinking about another 2 weeks, maybe 3 before we get local fresh peas. Which is good, pea and fennel risotto is fabulous, just need my ingredients.

          1. There were small packages of peas this week at Wilson Farms. I didn't notice where they were from, but they were expensive enough that it would be cheaper to fly somewhere where they are in season, have dinner and return. Can't wait until they are in season. Gosh it is exciting to heading back to Springtime.

            Wilson Farm
            10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421