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May 25, 2005 09:57 PM

Asian grocery near Arcadia?

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I'll be in Arcadia tomorrow morning and then would like to make a short trip to get some groceries in the area. When I used to live in Pasadena I would go to 99 Ranch, Shun Fat or Hong Kong Super in Monterey Park (I think) and recently I ate at 888 Seafood so I went to the nearby San Gabriel Superstore. Any other recommendations? I just want the usual - cheap produce, frozen dumplings, etc. Bonus points for being near a good bahn mi store!


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  1. From the 99 ranch website:

    Arcadia Store
    1300 S. Golden West Ave.
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    (626) 445-7899

    1. Arcadia Supermarket
      Northeast corner of Baldwin & Duarte
      645 W. Duarte

      Cheaper than 99 Ranch on Golden West.