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Mar 24, 2010 09:10 AM

ayce crabs (crab legs, blue crabs, etc)

I have been in search of a good AYCE crab place that does it right. I live in Delco and have visited a couple places (Casey's, Barnaby's, the old West End in Media to name a few) but they all seem to not get it right. The Boulevard in Havertown isn't bad with their dungeoness crabs. I had an excellent experience down the shore but I can't remember the name of the place. It was right outside of Atlantic City and they were not a buffet, but had AYCE everything for 45-50 bucks i believe. Their big thing was dungeoness crabs in a little net bag.

Can anyone give me a good place to eat crabs in the delco area (and outside of Delco if its definitely worth driving to). I prefer whole crabs if possible, but if a place has superb crab legs night, i'd appreciate that too

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  1. Philadadium in South Philly (down the street from Chickies and Pete's) has AYCE Crabs one night per week in the summer (about $20)...

    Kelly's Seafood in NE Philly (Welsh Road and Bustleton Ave) has AYCE Crab Legs (Snow or Dungeness).. not sure if it is every night or Thurs-Sun...

    There is a crab leg thread:

    1. Grabbes in westville NJ. It is only 6+/- from the walt whitman

      1. Grabbes in Westville NJ. Only about 6+/- miles from Walt Whitman- Crabs done right.

        Check out