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Mar 24, 2010 09:08 AM

Where to find dried gigantes beans?

I would like to get a lb or two of these to try in some recipes but can't seem to find them. Anybody know a place around boston that might sell these?

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    1. I've bought them at a portuguese market (in providence). Try Union square or East Cambridge.

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      1. re: gourmaniac

        Can I ask where in Providence or the market name? I have a buddy there I can force to make a trip for me.

        1. re: foxspirit

          sorry it was a small place I can;t recall. i was just checking it out. Sophia suggestion bellow is a good one. Agree on the housemade yogurt that she gets from the walk in fridge.

      2. Sophia's Greek Pantry on Belmont St in Belmont has them. You are likely to also be seduced by the big selection of feta cheeses and well-priced olives, as well as all kinds of other goodies... (can you tell I'm a fan of the place?)

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        1. re: GretchenS

          Oooh perfect. Thank you!

          (I don't like olives or feta. I know I know. Its so wrong of me. I've been told.)

          1. re: foxspirit

            But think of the money you'll save! She also carries those yummy Greek sausages that have orange peel in them, can't think what they're called.

            1. re: GretchenS

              Never had those before but the idea appeals.

              1. re: foxspirit

                Sophias is great. You might try the harder Greek cheese called Kasseri. Also, although she does not keep it out for people to see, she makes her own Greek yogurt that she sells to many restaurants. I believe it is made with 2% organic milk from Vermont. You need to ask for it. It is extremely thick and very delicious.

                1. re: emilief

                  Mmm. thanks for the tip. I am hooked on fage.

        2. I've bought them in the Armenian stores in Coolidge Sq., Watertown.

          1. I am pretty certain I saw them among the many dried bean options at Christina's Spices last weekend.

            Christina's Spice & Spec Foods
            1255 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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            1. re: rlh

              Yes, def Watertown, try Arax Market

              Arax Market
              585 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472