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Waffle day - what's your favourite waffle topping?

Tomorrow it's International Waffle Day and I'm planning on having a waffle feast with my friends! I love waffles, best pudding ever. Was curious to hear what your favourite or unique waffle toppings are, or if you've got any superior waffle recipes. Personally, I prefer thin, crispy waffles with heaps of maple syrup, or strawberries and whipped cream.

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  1. ligonberry jam and whipped cream

    raspberry jam and whipped cream

    thinned out nutella, banana slices and toasted walnuts or pecans

    maple syrup and butter

    Happy International Waffle Day!

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      kermit, when you say thinned out Nutella-what do you use to thin the spread?

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        HillJ, I just use a very little bit of milk or cream (I guess you could say cream helps to thin out the crepes, and thicken the hips lol ;)). Hope this helps?

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          Thanks, kermit! That does help. I usual warm Nutella to thin it but sometimes that warm result isn't what I really want to do.

    2. There is nothing better to me than Butter & Syrup.....

      I do like vanilla ice cream on a waffle every so often..but B&S rules!

      1. Your question made me think of my new-found favorite blog:



        That being said, there is nothing like real maple syrup and real butter.

        My daughter started a new Easter tradition (actually, to make things easier for me, and to stop me from over-cooking for the holidays, hehe). We had a waffle brunch, and I'm going to do the same this year. Fresh fruit and meats on the side (for the carnivores), veggie-sausages (for the vegetarians), ice cream and anything else that might be good. Strawberries and whipped cream sound great - of course we'll have real maple syrup, too.

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          Loving the waffle blog! Waffled falafel - genius

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            Love the waffle iron collection! I'll be following along!

        2. Real maple syrup and that's it

          1. With a poached egg and some bacon.

            1. Oh yum. I love freshly made Belgian waffles with butter, real whipped cream and strawberries (and maybe a touch of syrup).

              I also love the street vendor waffles in Hong Kong - butter, sweetened condensed milk and sugar, I think. Tasts better than it sounds...

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                Which Belgian waffles do you mean? Frankly, I find the idea of adding things to a liegois waffle unnecessary, particularly as it veils the wonderful taste. In recent returns to Brussels, I've been appalled by seeing the offers of numerous toppings, presumably to accommodate the tastes of the tourists in the area.

                But I suspect that americans who refer to Belgian waffles are simply thinking about a particular size rather than an actual recipe.

              2. I'm with you, Fish. The big puffy Belgian waffles were intriguing for a while (and I still indulge from time to time) but the thinner, round, crispy, well-buttered and slathered in pure Grade B maple syrup - maybe with a handful of toasted pecans - remains my fave. The fresh berries and freshly over-whipped vanilla cream are a close second. Stewed apples or peaches...naaaaa. And forget the frou-frou chocolate chips with rainbow sprinkles topped with a Friendly Denny candy cane. Make me hurl, why don't ya?


                1. Smuckers boysenberry syrup. Or just butter. Or nothing. It's also good pushed into a bowl hot with a scoop of ice cream on top.

                  1. Lots of fruit and fresh whipped cream.


                    1. Chocolate waffles with vanilla ice cream.

                      Regular waffles baked with pecans, topped with butter and warm real maple syrup.

                      1. Try sprinkling cheddar cheese on top of the waffle before closing the top iron. Crispy brown cheese, fine with real maple syrup. Family fave. Pecans are great too, as well as soupy sweetened strawberries.

                        1. Well, I vastly prefer yeast-raised waffles (the classic kind from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook) and they don't do well as a vehicle for heavy toppings. Maple or a genuine fruit syrup (as opposed to a fruity corn syrup...), butter. Fruit would go along the side, not on top. Whipped cream isn't great with yeast bread compared to good butter.

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                            I also love yeast-raised waffles - but I think flavorful, long-risen sourdough waffles pair BEAUTIFULLY with homemade height-of-the-season-strawberry ice cream and whipped cream. (On top, not on the side!)

                          2. Butter and real maple syrup.

                            Peanut butter and apricot preserves (or, any good fruit preserves).

                            1. Had some fresh waffles with our homemade Royal figs in syrup preserves - this was really quite decadent.

                              I am always a fan of beautiful fresh berries with Chantilly cream on a waffle, as well as the classic maple syrup waffle. I prefer the richer amber maple syrup. Even just melted butter and sugar and cinnamon is lovely. And for something a little exotic, there is a lovely passion fruit butter I had in Hawaii, really delicious smeared on a waffle.

                              Chestnut puree, yum yum. Raspberries preserved in brandy. Nutella and fresh banana. Caramelized apples in rum butter.

                              Waffles just go with whatever you feel like eating that day. Very forgiving food group.

                              1. Waffles with Maple Bits
                                I make maple bits by making a taffy and cutting into bite-sized pieces then stire into batter

                                For my stepdad's birthday, I make dried bing cherries and dark chocolate chips with a hazelnut maple syrup.

                                My ex loved a ricotta and sometimes blue cheese waffle with a caramelized fig topping.

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                                  Fresh Salted Butter w/ Real Maple Syrup. And Strawberries on the side w/ Homemade Whip Cream. And Bacon and Homemade Hash Browns Extra Crispy or very well done

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                                    Can you elaborate on that last? That sounds fantastic. How did you make it?

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                                      Can you elaborate on the blue cheese with caramelized fig idea--sounds fantastic! How did you make it?

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                                        i mix the waffles up... sometimes blue cornmeal, sometimes baking soda and buttermilk, sometimes milk only and baking powder only, etc...


                                        2 cups flour (or 1 cup white/wheat flour + 1 cup blue cornmeal)
                                        2 1/2 tsp baking powder
                                        1/2 tsp baking soda
                                        1/2 tsp salt
                                        1/2 cup milk
                                        3/4 cup buttermilk, or 1 1/4 c milk only and omit the baking soda and sub in 4 tsp baking powder total
                                        2 eggs
                                        2 tablespoons butter
                                        1/2 cup cheese (i usually do 6 tbsp blue cheese and 2 tbsp provolone or something else smooth or fontina)

                                        mix dry ingredients. mix egg yolks with milk . mix in dry ingredients. beat egg whites til stiff. fold into batter, then mix in butter and cheese. cook in griddle.

                                        Fig Sauce

                                        2 tablespoons butter
                                        1/2 cup brown sugar
                                        1/4 cup white wine*
                                        8 dried California figs or 4 fresh figs, stems removed and chopped
                                        1/4 cup whipping cream
                                        1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

                                        simmer butter with sugar for a few minutes. add wine and figs. let simmer for 15-20 min til softened. add in cream and cinnamon. puree til smooth, reserving one or two of the figs. slice those figs and return to pan with the pureed sauce and heat through. serve over waffles.

                                        Or you could make a Honey Cream... roast some figs in the oven sliced and sprinkled with butter and brown sugar. Mix some cream cheese with honey and cinnamon to taste, then serve over waffles and figs.

                                        And I apologize, I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants cook!

                                    2. I did a brunch featuring gingerbread waffles topped with fresh fruit, and over that a glop of "banana fluff" -- whipped cream / mashed banana. Needless to say, they all loved it.

                                      1. Is it wrong to say fried chicken. I love the combination of savory, spicy and sweet so I'd add a jalapeno maple syrup sauce on it.

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                                        1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                                          I really don't understand that. A peice of fried chicken sitting on top of the waffle and then you cut it up and eat them together?

                                          1. re: katz66

                                            You know, I didn't understand it either until I tried it a few years ago. Yes, the idea is to eat a bit of the chicken with a bit of waffle and of course the syrup. The combination is pretty great IMO!

                                            1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                                              Since that reminds me of a Monte Cristo sandwich, I can see how it could work!

                                        2. Orange marmalade or a small amount of maple syrup. I only eat homemade waffles so the taste of the waffle is what I like most. But it's something I don't have often. We do have friends that like whipped cream and fresh fruit on them and then they take the cholestirole pills after breakfast. DAH!

                                          1. Butter and maple syrup, with good sausage on the side also dosed with syrup.

                                            I also like a waffle sundae, with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

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                                              I'm with you on this one. Sometimes the traditional tried and true butter and syrup is the best. I do like the maple sausages they make these days as well.

                                            2. The one that always brings back warm childhood memories for me is cream cheese, orange marmalade and a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. This was how my dad always ate his waffles and I liked taking a bite of his mixed in w/ my maple and butter. I do this occasionally still but skip the sugar - only needed for nostalgia not taste for me. Swedish Fish - what did you do for IWD?

                                              1. My favorite waffles (buttermilk with ginger bits) has lemon curd and crystalized ginger on top. The lemon curd and ginger are slightly warmed on the stove and then poured over the waffles. So good.

                                                1. My favorite topping on waffles is fried chicken with a good drizzle of butter and maple syrup. Not good for you but man, is it good.