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Mar 24, 2010 08:05 AM

moderate priced places to eat on the beach in san diego

sorry for long title - taking my daughter to san diego this weekend - recommendations for low to moderate priced and 'quirky' places to eat on the beach, please?

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  1. Which beach/area of town? (There are about 60 miles of coast/beaches)

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    1. re: Cathy

      Hi Cathy...thanks for the reply, we'll be staying north of Coronado, aroudn Shelter Island area.

      1. re: docdadd

        Shelter Island is a bit isolated, will you have a car?

        1. re: Captain Jack

          yes, I'll have a car...we'reactually staying at The Pearl on Rosecrans

          1. re: docdadd

            Kono's Surf Club is a quirky piece of San Diego Surf Culture on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach across from Crystal Pier. Order the #1 through #4 egg burritos and a side of Kono's potatoes and take your order to the tables across the boadwalk where you can watch the local surfers in action. Keep in mind that while the huge egg burritos, and excellent Kono's potatoes are must try items, the rest of the menu is pretty blah. Don't make the typical tourist mistake and stray from what Kono's does best. Breakfast and lunch only.

        2. re: docdadd

          Definitely Point Loma Seafoods- you can walk there. Closes at 6:30.

          Point Loma Seafoods
          2805 Emerson St, San Diego, CA 92106

          1. re: Cathy

            The Pearl itself has very good food. A bit on the higher end however. Nice happy hour nibbles.

            Tender Greens is in Liberty Station, good salads and very close to you.

            How old is your daughter? If young, she'll probably love Corvette's (also in Liberty Station) but not chowhound worthy by far.

            Tender Greens
            2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

            1. re: Ewilensky

              My daughter is 15...fortunately an adventurous foodie

              1. re: docdadd

                I like the Pearl's food as well. They have a simple farm to table concept that works well.Their candied pork belly, ceviche, seasonal risotto, and pork chop are all winners. I reviewed The Pearl and took photos a while back if you are interested.


      2. Given your location, I'd pick up some tacos from the Mariscos German truck (in the Apple Tree Market parking lot) in Ocean Beach and then head over to Sunset Cliffs.

        Or go to Bull Taco up in the San Elijo campground on the beach

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        1. re: DougOLis

          I second both Mariscos German and Bull Taco!

          Mariscos German
          3515 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

          1. re: mmjgam

            Just a tip about the MG truck, steer clear of the "regular" fish tacos, they are mediocre at best. Instead try a Gobernader, a pulpo, or a marlin, all of which are very good. The Gobernader (shrimp, bell peppers, onions, cheese) is my current favorite.

        2. You've gotten some spot on advice re: the Mariscos German truck, Kono's and Pt. Loma Seafoods. I've got nothing to add, other than to tell you these are great suggestions, but none other than Kono's are actually on the beach. But you and your daughter can walk the Mission Beach boardwalk after breakfast at Kono's and soak in all the beach culture either of you could ever want. Head south rather than north after Kono's.

          Mariscos German
          3515 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

          1. Great advice given by all..
            Like to add the Brigantine in Shelter Island for a great everyday happy hour of $3 fish tacos and kids are welcome..local fave.
            Corvetter Diner in Liberty Station close to the Pearl is a hit with teens.
            Green Flash or World Famous are classic beach restaurants and you can ride the wooden roller coaster at Belmont bikes at Hamel along the beach/bay.
            Fish Market Downtown has a great Oyster Bar/Patio/Sushi Bar..
            Take the water taxi over to Coronado from the Gaslamp and have lunch at Hotel Del.


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            1. re: Beach Chick

              Thanks to all! Great rec's - should be a fun few days...

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Many thanks for all these recs, i'm new to this part of SD (staying in Shelter Island in 2 weeks for my big 40th b-day!) and i'm really excited to get new places to try. We have our SD faves we have to go to, but this brings a new angle to our visit.

              2. Lots of good advice, but as mcgrath pointed out, only one (Kono's) is actually "on" the beach. If you are venturing to the beaches from Point Loma, I would say that the beaches get progressively "older" the more south you go with La Jolla Shores< Pacific Beach < Ocean Beach, going from youngest crowd (mostly families) to the older surfer dudes. That being said, my rec's for best beach eats with a 15-year old, would be the Seaside Cantina in Pacific Beach (the only place that's "on" the beach - followed by the WaveHouse (
                Don't get me wrong, the other rec's are great for food, but if you want to chill on the beach with your daughter and soak up the scene, this would be my plan...

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                1. re: CampySD

                  Great call on The Wave House. That is THE place to be on Sundays in the summer. You and your daughter should rent bicycles and make the ride from Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach down to Belmont Park and The Wave House in Mission Beach. It will make for some great people watching. Look for Slow Mo, the old guy roller blading in slow motion with music blaring from speakers attached to his belt.

                  Wave House
                  3125 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109