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Need instructions for Whipped Jello (not Cool Whip recipes)

My elderly father would love to have "whipped jello" like his mother made for him and I don't know where to start. Have spent a few minutes googling, but decided this site would be the best place for help.

I am sure it was before the days of Cool Whip.

It very possibly could have been made with cream.

I would love to prepare this for him and would be very grateful for help. Thank you!

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  1. Never made it, but this one sounds solid. I'd opt for strawberry jello.


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      Thank you, Christina. That sounds as if it could be what he is thinking about.

      There's one question: He is a diabetic which I didn't mention because I didn't think it would factor in, as there is sugar-free jello available. But she says don't use SF. Does anyone have a thought as to why not? Could it be volume? If so, maybe I could add Splenda.

      1. re: laredo

        Y'know, I'm not sure. I get the impression the recipe author has strong opinions about what does and does not taste good. Maybe he/she just prefers sugar? I would think the sugar-free box would make the same volume of jello.

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          Yes, I tried with SF Jello and it does not whip up in volume like Whip Jello should. I tried adding some half/half, while it tastes good its not liight and fluffy as it should be

      2. What I knew as "whipped Jello" was simply that--
        let any Jello get thick and chilled but not quite firm. Then just whip it with an electric hand-held mixer--it turns to foam, gets much lighter in color (red to pink) and can then be chilled again. It firms up to a mousse texture, can be put in a mold, no longer see-through. (Just as if you took transparent shampoo and turned it into suds).
        Kids love it too. No cream or evaporated milk is added.

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          But whipped cream or whipped evaporated milk can be added to the chilled, whipped jello, folded in, and chilled again. I used to love that as a small child. Now that I am an aged adult, I don't know that I would love it anymore.

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            My mother made it with an egg-beater, sometimes plain and sometimes with cream.

          2. I always loved whipped Jello as a kid, and I still do.

            Make the Jello. I always use sugar free using about 1/4 less water than recommended. Let it gel to the soft gel stage and whip with an electric mixer. It will triple in volume and turn a light color. I usually add Ricotta Cheese mid whip. Pour or spoon into a rinsed mold, cover with Saran wrap and chill until totally firm.. Unmold and srround with fruit.

            Low calorie, and low carb as well.

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            1. re: Fleur

              Fleur--I don't quite get this part of the directions; "Pour or spoon into a rinsed mold..." When you say "rinsed" mold, do you mean that the mold should still be wet? Sorry if it's a silly question, but I would love to make this. Thanks!

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                I think the mold needs to be wet to enable releasing the gelatin from the mold later.

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                  Not silly at all. I'm sorry it wasn't clear. When you put a mixture into a mold to jell, you want it to release as easily as possible. Rinsing the mold in cold water and not drying it out, helps that.

                  I suggest letting the filled mold sit in the fridge overnight. Sometimes I use a fancy shaped mold, sometimes just a loaf pan.

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                  Fleur, when you say "sugar free" , do you mean unsweetened or do you mean with artificial sweeteners?

                3. Thank you, everyone. I very much appreciate the information. I will try the simply-whip-soft-jello version first, but would like to try each version later.

                  Will report back if I have any info to add. Thanks again!

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                    Another one a childhood friend's maid* used to make: Jello at soft set stage with softened ice cream beaten in. Strawberry/strawberry or vanilla. That was terriffic!
                    *lived on the other side of the tracks from us...

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                      That's how my mother used to make it, which she called Bavarian Jello. What's fun is to add tiny marshmallows and crushed pineapple before the final set. The marshmallows get super foamy overnight.

                      1. re: Nanaverm

                        I'm married to a guy from Iowa...jello with mini marshmallows is well known to me. Agree!

                  2. My mother also made whipped jello for us and this is how she made it:


                    1 Packet Jello Gelatin
                    1/2 Can Evaporated Milk

                    1. Make jello as per packet.
                    2. Refrigerate.
                    3. When it is nearly set, slowly add the evaporated milk in and beat till frothy with electric beaters.
                    4. Chill till set.

                    We loved it! I hope this is the one that your father's mother made for him.

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                    1. re: Venti4me

                      Sounds kind of good. Maybe that was the recipe the OP was after!

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                        Thank you, Venti4me. Will give it a try. Hope it will work with SF jello.

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                          My mom used to make this and OI loved it, but couldn't remember how much evaporated milk she used. Thanks for reminding me

                        2. My mother used to make this favorite: partially set Jello whipped with 1 cup instant dry milk. I was not a milk drinker as a child, but I loved my calcium and protein in this form. It sets up with a mousse like texture. Orange Jello is especially good with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

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                            Just the milk powder whipped in dry? Interesting. The vanilla would make it Creamsicle-y!

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                              Yes, indeed! I haven't made it in ages, but now I'm craving it!

                              1. re: marthasway

                                I've never had that version, and now I want it!

                          2. Hi. I haven't made Jello in years but got this bug in my ear, bought a pkg of raspberry jello, a container of frozen raspberries and a container of sour cream. Not sure what to do with them. Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe whipping part of the semi-set jello with sour cream, layering the berries on the nearly set stuff and mounding the whipped J on top. Does that sound like it would work? Thanx for any help.

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                              I hadn't checked on this thread in a very long time. Was amazed to see a new posting!

                              Your plan sounds good, although I couldn't predict with certainty if it will work.

                              There is an old recipe that I used to make frequently; had really forgotten about it until reading your question. My family used to ask for this at holidays.

                              It is strawberry jello, frozen strawberries, crushed pineapple, mashed bananas. Three layers: first the jello mixture and let it set; then a layer of sour cream and cream cheese, then a top layer of the jello mixture.

                              Post back if you want more info.

                            2. My mother made whipped jello with all flavors, using dry, canned and even regualr milk. We kids loved it [this was during WW II]...but for really special occasions she would whip egg whites and fold the nearly set jello into it, beating with an egg beater and then pour the mix into fluted glasses which she tipped to one side. After setting thoroughly, it made three layers; jello on the bottom, a semi whipped froth in the middle....and a meringue type topping very pale colored of whatever jello she used. The fact that it was diagional was especially exciting to us! I have not done this for years, but just went in and whipped some up!

                              1. My husband took me to a Tea & Sandwich Shop once and we had some wonderful seafood crepes but what I remember most was the dessert we were served. It was a lighter than air strawberry jello. Besides the whipped strawberry jello, it had what seemed to be whipped cream and sweetened strawberries (probably from the freezer case). It wasn't pink but was more reddish in color just like strawberry jello, with bits of white throughout and there was no firmness to it. This jello was the lightest texture and the best stuff I had ever eaten as a summer dessert as far as jello goes lol. I can't wait to try your recipe and I'm hoping it's the same! Thanks for posting. Just wish I could find a picture of it.

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                                  I'll make some today and send a photo; sometimes i cannot post photos but I can email them directly.

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                                    Here's a link to ideas and photos for Jello from a 1962 Jello book: one photo shows tilt-top jello.
                                    If the link doesn't work, just google jello with whipped egg whites.

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                                      Raennshadow - I'd love to see what you're talking about. If you can post a pic that would be great. I've never seen a picture anywhere of what I was served that day in the sandwich shop.

                                      1. re: yoyomi

                                        See the previous post about googling Jello images...the one I just made was gone before I could get a picture of it!

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                                          Well, I've been looking for a picture (on the net) for a long time now and nothing comes close to what I had that day... but I think it might have been made like this:

                                          Make the strawberry jello per pkg directions..put in the frozen strawberries and when it is either almost done or completely firm, whip it with a mixer until it is in tiny pieces and very fluffy.....then take whipping cream and whipped it to a VERY stiff consistency (over whip it as it was not creamy) and just mix in enough whipped cream so that you don't turn the thing pink (like all the recipes on the net) but keep the look of strawberry jello with flecks of white in there as well...I was just hoping you were going to post the pic of what you were making in case it was like what I'd seen at that Sandwich Shop. Now, I'm off to experiment on my own...thanks anyway.

                                          1. re: yoyomi

                                            yoyomi....email me at
                                            and I will try to send you a photo that shows several jello desserts.
                                            I made the jello with the last package I had and had to leave the house. When I came home my son and husband had devoured the whole thing. I guess I have to revert to what I used to do when I made desserts for school and church functions and put a big sign saying NO! next time.

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                                              I googled Jello whipped cream dessert under the images heading and there are a bunch, but I did not see any with flecks of white. Maybe they were marshmallows? Mine did not have white flecks either. Or maybe bits of ice cream? Fascinating!

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                                                Oh, it's fun to put mini-marshmallows in the whipped Jello. The next day, they become little foamy pockets. Crushed pineapple is also great.

                                                Sometimes flecks of white could be cream cheese that doesn't get thoroughly mixed up in it.

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                                                  http://thegourmetmama.com/cherry-flum... Pic of jello whipped with evaporated milk with recipe - they're calling it flummery.

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                                                    Just wanted to say that it isn't marshmallows or ice cream as I had asked the lady at the time...She basically said it was strawberry jello, frozen strawberries and some kind of cream (can't remember now) but the fact that the whole thing did not turn pinkish in color is what is making it different from everything else I've seen on the internet. One day if I want to experiment...but I'm still hoping someone will recognize this recipe or description.

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                                                      I use Dream Whip when I make this. You buy it in a box & add milk. The good thing is it doesn't get watery the next day like regular whip cream & doesn't get little white specks in it like Cool Whip.

                                        2. The recipes that call for a can of evaporated milk, do you think it is the small can or the large can? I am asking because I would like to try this.

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                                            I would use a 375 ml can (about 12.7 US fluid ounces).

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                                              Whether you are using a box of flavored jello or a single packet of unflavored gelatin, you want approximately 2 cups of liquid. It can be a little more if you are using pureed cooked fruit in its juices. So the large can of evaporated milk would be correct in the recipe CupcakeZ linked.

                                              Personally, I think that recipe sounds too dairy-heavy. I routinely play around with jello and often add some cream or evaporated milk. When making a 2-cup recipe I use around 3-4 ounces of dairy, because I want the main flavor to be the fruit, not the dairy. Then again, I am not whipping the cream or evaporated milk. This week it's prunes cooked in 5 oz of grape juice, pureed, plus
                                              a cup of grape juice, 3 oz. cream, and a packet of plain gelatin. It's delicious, though the color is unattractive. If I were making this for other people I would add some food coloring to either make it redder or purpler.

                                            2. OK, I hope this has sufficient nuance to be a new question:

                                              My wonderful Aunt Bea (Olesha Ha'a Sholom) from Ocean Parkway made incredible big, layered, molded Jello dessert centerpieces with some layers whipped and some with fruit and the crust layer with smooshed Oreos.

                                              I looked down on these when I was 25 and thought I was a goormay, but now 40 years later I want one, and there is no one left to ask how. Anyone here know how?

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                                                  Thanks! I looked, but couldn't find a photo - presentation is (nearly) all with this sort of over-the-top thing, and I didn't see a reference to a mold, or to many layers, or to it being a centerpiece dessert. The ingredients sounded good.

                                                1. I remember some recipes in the sixties called "seafoam" jello. Perhaps you could google that. I do remember having a few at someone's house & it was really good.