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Mar 24, 2010 07:07 AM

Think you know Memphis restaurants? Help me solve this mystery!

I recently read a review about a place out in the Mt. Moriah/Clarke Road area. Tried to find it yesterday and couldn't. Now I can't find the review and it's driving me insane.

Don't know the name or even exactly what kind of place this is. It was some kind of Latin American or Mexican place but not just a regular old Mexican place. They called it a something or other "-eria" and it was a specialized type of food.

The author of this review was saying how other cities all have this type of place and he was glad to finally find one in Memphis. I think it's fairly new. He was saying the owners spoke almost no English. It was a tiny little place, cheap and good.

I remember clicking on the map and thought I remembered it was Mt. Moriah and Clarke Rd. but I scoured that area and could NOT find it so maybe I'm wrong about the location. Or it could even be that they've closed or moved. I'm kind of obsessed with tracking this down.

I know this is kind of an absurd request but any help appreciated.

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